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Safe Save Cell Medical Cell Science & Technology Co. Ltd

SSC, Safe Save Medical Cell Sciences & Technology CO. engaged in the development of cancer immunotherapy, ADCTA is the invention of more than 50 years effort put on in USA and Taiwan by W.K. Yang, M.D. Ph.D., who is well noted as the leading authority of Glioblastoma, GBM healing in Asia. Based on the distinguished capability of ADCAT Knowhow, lean manufacturing and total quality assurance SSC will fast expand ADCTA to numbers of solid cancers and regions globally via kicking off clinical trials, establishment of overseas subsidiaries, out licensing of turnkey and patent authorization etc.

In ear ly September 2018, the Mini stry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan i ssued the revi sed provi sions of the “Admini strative Measures for the Implementation or Use of Medical Devices for Specific Medical Technology Inspection and Inspection”. The application of open cell therapy technology includes autoimmune cell therapy and cancer patients and entities for standard treatment failure. Patients with advanced cancer . The Shifu Cell Program will
rapidly promote ADCTA to more drug-f ree or terminally fatal cancers, such as metastatic lung cancer , colorectal cancer , pancreatic cancer , prostate cancer , recur rent ovar ian cancer , and breast cancer . Wait. Shifu Cell has cooperated with many hospital s in Nor th, Central and South Taiwan, and has been able to formally serve Taiwan's medical technology and cancer patients in the near
future. It has always adhered to the wor ld's pioneer ing and therapeutic leader of Taiwan's immune cell therapy, and hopes to become a global standard for immune cell therapy through more successful cases of treating clinical patients.

Safetran BioMedical Inc.

Safetran, a professional hema-technology platform provider based in Taiwan since 2009, specializes in transfusion safety and regenerative therapy.

Safetran penetrates into regenerative therapy by Phoenix PRP system, targeting on musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, sport medicine and spinal surgery. Since 2017, Phoenix has earned great reputation on taking care of Taiwan’s National Olympic athletes by the satisfying treatment results. In 2020, Safetran launched the “Rhea” Autologous Bioactive Molecules Enrich System, focusing on ophthalmology, wound care and aesthetic application.

Both systems have an automatic approach on preparing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), adopting optical &electronic sensors and built-in software to prepare proper formulation for different patients. By using an fully-automated equipment, and specially-designed, closed-circuit disposable sets, we are able to achieve precise and steady collection results while maintaining blood cells integrity, therefore the great clinical results.

Samwell Testing Inc.

Larson Daivs 831 system, Thermo Scientific NITON handheld XRF analyzer, Thermo Scientific NITON handheld LIBS analyzer, Thermo Scientific Multi-Purpose Survey Meters, Thermo Scientific TruDose Electronic Personal Dosimeter, The AnyBody Modeling System, BTS Smart-D, Multiple foot measure instrument and 3D printed custom insole design and manufacture system, Chiropractic back surface deform real-time display instrument

Sandalphon International Inc.

SleepBank is an exclusive sleeping chip designed for in-depth sleep, SFT(Sleep Frequency Technology) assisting the prolongation of natural in-depth sleep and allowing the body to initiate the self-curing and repairing mechanisms.
The current sleep products are mostly measuring sleep environment, turn over, breathing, etc., cannot solve the sleep problem. SleepBank is an innovation solution, after product launched in Taiwan, many media attention and reports.
The SleepBank does not use chemical adjustment of immediate effect. Through SFT, the body and environment are slightly adjusted with harmonic physical resonance. This will increase the in-depth sleeping time, and enhance the sleep quality, allowing you to re-experience the original environment of the Earth. Your body will lie in such cozy environment, achieving natural repair, a self-curing bridge that re-connects the land and the body.

Sandalphon International Inc.

Family is the fundament of the society, which Sandalphon cares the most. The R&D team created a new area of frequency technology products to help people restore the balance of the body. Until now, we have help tens of thousands of families with a substantial increase in quality of life through sleep improvement. Sandalphon continues to hold the original intention of "Be a guardian of family"

Sanguo Co., Ltd.

Phallanthus emblica


Sanofi is a global pharmaceutical company and extensively pursues innovation to seek collaborations to build alliances that create value for global health.
At our team, we’re eagerly searching external opportunities, whether pipelines or technology platforms, in Asian regions towards global collaborations.
Our scope of business covers a wide variety of therapeutic indications as follows.
・Rare Diseases
・Rare Blood Diseases
・Tech Platforms

Schweitzer Biotech Company Ltd

We provides COVID-19 diagnostic kits (i.e. ELISA kits, qPCR kits, cPCR kits), and also automatic nucleic acid extraction and amplification system.

Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center, National Applied Research Laboratories

In order to incubate local cross-disciplinary talents in biomedical sciences, STPI collaborates with prestigious universities in the US and provides training programs and mentorship necessary to assist pharmaceutical and medical device research teams to advance their research discoveries from the bench to the bedside.

Brain science is one of the most important research targets in this century and Taiwan has abundant brain and neuroscience research achievements. STPI integrates domestic research and development energy in related fields, focuses on superior areas, develops innovative key technologies, and helps promote Taiwan's research achievements in the field of brain science to the world.

Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology

Strength of the biomedical technology cluster

In response to the global medical needs for ageing population, the STSP has been actively developing the smart biomedical technologies for years, in addition to the existing manufacture of vaccines, pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics within the cluster, which has proudly become the largest in the southern Taiwan.

Taking advantages of the advanced ICT and BIO industries, STSP launches various programs, such as investment attraction, start-ups acceleration, grants on R&D, industry-academia cooperation, clinical trials, training courses, acquisition of medical certificate, international marketing, etc., with the aim of strengthening the cluster’s ecosystem and sustainable development, and constructing the competitive high-quality precision health industry. The results of these efforts are reflected in the steadily growing revenues of tenant companies in both domestic and international markets.