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With more than a hundred machines including the latest 5-axis CNCs. Ta Mou is capable of producing anything from Endoscope devices, impellers, precision plastic molds & stamping tools to provide a turnkey solution for our customers.


TAICEND Mom and baby series
(1)C-section series (2)BB barrier film (3)Nipple patch
TAICEND Breast postoperative surgery care
(1) Soothing Wound Patch-Soft type(sterile) (2) Flower Patch(sterile) (3) Beauty Patch(sterile)
TAICEND acute and chronic wound series
(1)TAICEND anti-adhesion superabsorbent wound dressing (sterile), (2)TAICEND wound patch (sterile), (3)TAICEND Hydrogel(Sterile) ,(4)TAICEND Wound Gel(Sterile)
TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Series
(1) TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad for NIPPV facial pressure relief
(2) TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad for long-term surgical decompression
(3) (3)N95 Respirator Masks skin pressure relief pad

Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital

1.Longitudinal Armed Forces Health Information System
2.E Clinical Scientists of Artificial Intelligence
3.Clinical Care Application of Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital‘s Line Official Account “E Pharmacist”

Taichung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Long-term care is a national established policy and major project for the elderly. The features of long-term care 2.0 project are to expand target populations, expand services, and take into consideration on the recovery and reablement of the disabled. Our exhibition is based on the plans and achievements of both the Ministry of Health and Welfare- "Integration of Health and Welfare Services " and the Board of Science and Technology of the Executive Yuan-“Sustainable Provision of High-Quality Medical Services" as the main contents of this exhibition, including research on preventive medicine for the elderly, plan and strategy of smart and precise long-term care in cooperation with the National Health Research Institute, and the effectiveness of the all-inclusive day care center.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital

The journey of e-health care in TCVGH

TAIDING Automatic Canopy Ltd.

Urban Oasis - With urban/community greenhouse equipment as its orientation, it will conduct pilot operations and adjust the content and mechanism of its services on a rolling basis through the development of small smart greenhouses suitable for urban use, and the establishment of demonstration points for new business models. The Company provides the whole output and one-stop service model, look forward to through experience and sharing economy, so that more consumers use the experience, and then the use of the company's research and development of small ping space greenhouse facilities. And agricultural commercial specifications smart greenhouse, to small city specifications, and through cross-foot leisure tourism, through the opening of greenhouses and industrial tourism to close the distance with consumers; We are also trying to transform our business model by sharing new forms of community service in the economy and working with industry alliances.

Taigama Biotech Inc.,Ltd

The company developed "Care anymen Ultracalming Mist " And " TGM liquid wound Protection Spray ", this series of products are satisfied with the pain points of modern civilization disease-diabetic wounds that are difficult to heal, and the rapid healing of chronic wounds, and have been tested in different regions (Taiwan, China, Malaysia) All of them are faster than traditional antibiotics and steroids. They are safe and reliable. The most special thing is that they do not contain western medicine ingredients. I believe that it will be a great boon to the society and the country with an aging population in the future.

Taipei City Hospital


Taipei Harvard Clinic

Taipei Harvard Clinic was founded in 1993, and has been dedicated to the mission of disease prevention and health checkup. It is also the first clinic center to be accredited by The Joint Commission of Taiwan. In August 2019, an affiliated company with Missioncare, Pregetic Medical Health Co. Ltd acquired Taipei Harvard Clinic to combine with the resources Missioncare has already had to establish a comprehensive health checkup system. They are planning on starting a new operational mode with Precision Medicine, the growth is limitless. We become to the first clinic center that have JCI certification in Taiwan in 2020. Our purpose is that incorporate genetic testing to assess the risk of disease into the human health, and try hard to popularize genetic testing. Let us enjoy the generation of genetic testing.