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U-ARK Technology Co., Ltd.

U-ARK focuses on innovative research and development in the health field. Based on assisting the digital transformation of long-term care institutions to provide technological services, including different types of long-term care institutions. Making everyone properly use information technology and obtain the value by the digital transformation.
We also use service model innovation and investments in different industries (such as consumables e-commerce) to increase the value and income of the information industry. In the future, ours aims is to invest in long-term operations and deepen the overall industrial chain synergy.
Cooperation projects:
1) uCare long-term care information system
2) Data visualization monitoring report system
3) Traffic dispatch management system and App
4) Nursery Service Management System and App
5) Community-based care center information system
6) Medical consumables
7) E-commerce platform


Unicare cooperation was founded in 2002, with the corporate mission of "Cosmetics Product Consultant", with GMP and ISO quality certification, integrating product marketing strategies, and providing complete ODM service solutions for skin care products.
In 2021, Unicare was honored to be selected as one of the participating partners of the Medical Biotechnology Exhibition by Agricultural Technology Research Institute. In this exhibition, Unicare would display the EGF series products collaborated on technology with Taiwan Produce high-potency .Produce high-potency active EGF with cutting edge genetic engineering technology for speedy recovery for epidermis and plumping skin, solve all skin problems from the roots! Unique in the beauty-oriented demand market, the full range of EGF products not only effectively repair the epidermal swelling skin, but also use the strength of biochemical technology to solve various skin problems, with significant effects.
Unicare sincerely invites all the customers and partners from all over the world to collaborate together to build the core value of international cosmetic products and create abundant revenue.

UnicoCell Biomed Co., Ltd.

UnicoCell BioMed has a complete R&D team dedicated to the research of pharmacology of stem cell drug and manufacturing technology, including the development of in vitro platforms for mechanism of actions (MOAs), characteristics of stem cell product, and optimization of the manufacturing process.

The stem cell drug "ELIXCYTE", has been successively approved by TFDA and US-FDA for Investigational New Drug (IND) application. Currently, there are two indications of ELIXCYTE clinical trials, one is osteoarthritis (OA) and the other is chronic kidney disease (CKD). The trial of Elixcyte for OA knee was also listed as a cell therapy index case by the Taiwan CDE.

The patented product of UnicoCell, "UnicoVial Cell Storage Container", is suitable for various types of cells requiring cryo-preservation, and has received the Type II Medical device certificate issued by TFDA (MHW Medical Device Manufacturing No. 007096). UnicoVial® has been patented with Taiwan, Japan, and China; and has been widely acclaimed in the cell therapy industry, which is one of the very rare cryogenic containers categorized as a medical device. Besides, it provides a safer, advantageous, and straightforward option for R&D sectors to upgrade their operation of cell preservation toward clinical usage.

Uniigym Co., Ltd.


Upper Silesian Accelerator for Commercial Enterprises Ltd. - coodrinator of MedSilesia Cluster

MedSilesia Cluster - the Silesian Network of Medical Devices, is an effective platform of cooperation for enterprises, institutes of higher education, and R&D units. MedSilesia Cluster concentrates on innovative technologies in the field of rehabilitation, surgery, and orthopedic tools: more advanced subunit electronic devices, diagnostics, and cardiology. Together for the innovative medicine.

Upwards Biosystems,LTD .


Utek International Corporation

Isolator, VHP, Glove leak test,