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WANHE Biological Technology Co., Ltd.


Wau Yuan Property Appraisal Co., Ltd.

About Us
We are a group of professionals with substantial experience in providing fair value solutions to our customers worldwide. Since being established in 1999, we have gained the respect of hundreds of clients in Taiwan and around the world by holding firmly to our corporate philosophy – professionalism, service, and responsibility.

Wei Ho company

We decide to transfer our career from technology industry to agriculture is retrieve our initial ideas to produce local organic red sage ginseng and no longer fear of unknown products or heavy mental, or even the harm of sulfur dioxide. Only the safety food sources, people shall not to worry about getting sick from food and food can be a real non-toxic products.

Well Lands Enterprise Co., LTD.

Well Lands Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional ergonomic products developing and manufacturing company. We dedicated in utilizing various kinds of polymer, for instance, Polyurethane(PU), Silicone, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), etc., through a variety of different process to develop good articles for people\\\\\\\'s variety of different occasions to make them feel more comfortable, efficient, healthy and happier. We focus on three main areas.
1. The Medical care and Comfort products are made from PU gel, TPE and silicone materials that assist the elderly, other patients and handicapped people. We also make seat and back cushions, facial pads, decubitus pads, wedges, and we make different contour products for hospitals and surgery room.
2. All kinds of foot-aid products, that helps people well comfortable, relieve pain when suffering discomfortable on foot.
3. All ergonomic products for lifes, games and works. which means the products for exercise, sports, office and daily life.


The shows will display medical device compliance test solutions and medical device labelling software. A series of wearable devices AECG100 tester. The new offering is expected to bring DFS200 to defibrillator/ AED test solution and medical device labelling software.
WhaleTeq provides first-class test solutions, including test equipment and associated services for medical devices. We strive to assist their clients in launching their top-quality medical devices to the market in the most time at efficient way. Our specialty lies in physiologic monitoring systems testing, such as ECG, EEG, PPG, SpO2, respiration monitor testing.

Win-Li Precision technology Co., LTD.

Win-Li has developed the exclusive nanocomposites formula with contain many kind of essential trace elements of the human body . It provides an invisible microbiostatic coating on surfaces to fight against bad bacteria that want to enter the body to cause disease. Thus, it owns 99.99% effective killing of bacteria, germs, organic pollutants and viruses tested by RCEVI, SGS, SuperLab and was certified by the FDA-approved. Winz nanocomposites antibacterial formula can be applied in various antibacterial products, ex: mask, protective clothing, cleaning products.
Winz has already developed the antibacterial series products for mother and baby care.
1. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Spray
2. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Hand Sanitizer
3. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Zipper Bag
4. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Baby Hair & Bath 2in1 Mousse
5. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Baby Bottle&Dishwashing Mousse
6. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Hand Wash Mousse
7. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Laundry Detergent


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Wistron Medical Technology

Human-centric smart healthcare with human-technology integration is the heartbeat of our solution, by continuously strengthening our core technology and carrying out the concept of altruism. We aim to become the strategic partner for medical technology companies, and deliver innovative medical solutions and services to improve people’s lives.

Wistron Medical Technology Corporation

Smart Healthcare Solutions, Smart Robotic Device and Training, Medical Device EMS