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Mikotek Information Inc.

The Miko Drip System intelligently monitors the real-time status of the IV drip speed and supports a "plug and play" mode. Miko Drip can change detailed information such as drip settings through the buttons of the device or mobile APP and also accurately monitors the remaining time of the infusion. When the drip is about to end or the infusion process is abnormal, Miko Drip alert by LED lights and sound, and send out information to the mobile APP at the same time. The Miko Drip System combined with the Miko IoT medical care management platform can provide notifications to a specific caregiver according to related schedule, and integrate the drip information and display on Miko NIS at nursing station.


Provide patented technology
Actively assist customers in customizing the antibacterial and antiviral products they need, The research and development of VIROCRUSH patented technology aims to provide antibacterial and antiviral solutions for products from all walks of life, and to give products higher added value.
Manufacturing technology into the customer's existing product line, and is committed to providing a more diverse choice of anti-virus service.

Provide anti-virus 3C peripheral accessories product display on site:
iPhone anti-virus and anti-drop shell, anti-virus identification cardholder, anti-virus 9H tempered glass,

Introduce that anti-virus materials can be imported into silicone products / plastic polymers (soft/hard materials) / tempered glass, a variety of materials.


MING FONG's VIROCRUSH patented technology was invested in research and development to solve customers' needs in medical industry for anti-bacterial and anti-viral products, to help reduce potential bacterial and viral infections that may be caused by the use of the product in the environment. The VIROCRUSH process is suitable for soft and hard plastic polymers, silicone, and tempered glass surfaces. To form a nano-protective layer under the surface of the substrate product to make your products provide 24/7 antibacterial and antiviral protection during a secondary processing after molding!

With 38 years of professional mold manufacturing and injection molding experience, MING FONG provides high supreme service for plastic products applied to the medical industry.

-Product development and design
-Mold design and fabrication
-Plastic parts single/double injection
-Post-processing integration
-Final products assembly
-Inspection, packaging and shipment

MING FONG emphasizes the technology-oriented and implement solid comprehensive management to service every customer with good cooperation experience. We’re committed to deliver quality service to every customer and take the customer satisfaction first as the goal as our honor!


The MobioSense™ COVID-19 Isothermal Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit is a real-time isothermal nucleic acid amplification assay intended for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in upper and lower respiratory specimens (ex. oropharyngeal swabs) from suspected individuals.
This kit is designed to target the ORF1a gene and provide a rapid (

Muen Biomedical and Optoelectronic Technologies Inc

Medical AI Aggregator(MAIA)
MAIA is an Auto-Deep Learning (Auto DL) software.

Operators can simply input hundreds and thousands of images and labels into MAIA, after automatic training process, MAIA will then output your specialized prediction model. Our Auto DL technology is based on transfer learning and hyper-parameter tuning technology.

Dream to complete an AI project in a few clicks? MAIA is your partner to build up AI prediction models and that coding skills are not required.

NanoRay Biotech


Nanoray Biotech Co., Ltd. takes the research and development of innovative low-radiation single-energy light technology as its main core technology. This time, using the core technology of Nanoray to create a low-dose X-ray machine suitable for children's bone age
The application of the whole machine system for testing, the development of the world first bedside low-dose desktop hand radiography system, Revolux

feature of product

1. Fast: Integrate AI to assist physicians in diagnosis. After irradiation, you can judge bone age, precocious puberty, growth curve, height prediction, and other functions.
2. Convenience: Improve the traditional impression of large-scale medical equipment, quickly deploy, without additional radiation protection.
3. Safe: Only 1/5x-ray exposure of traditional x-ray.
4. Market application expansion: In the future, it can also be combined with various AI models to be applied to fast bone density screening and gout fast screening.

National Center for Hight-performance Computing, National Applied Research Laboratories

NCHC has been actively participating in large-scale domestic biomedical projects. The development of new generation sequencing technology makes genome sequencing more available and results in producing a large amount of genome sequence data. Significant progress also has been made on biomedical imaging due to recent development of GPU and AI technologies. However, most biomedical data has been stored in different locations, and it is difficult for researchers to integrate and store the data. Therefore, NCHC actively builds facilities to create a high-performance analysis service and data sharing platform dedicated to biomedical science. This year, there will be three subjects in the exhibition, as well as important national projects that NCHC will participate in the future:
1. Life Science Informatics on Cloud Services (LIONS)
2. Taiwan BioBank database releasing platform
3. Platform for the sustainability of health data -build a national friendly biomedical data analysis and sharing platform

National Laboratory Animal Center, National Applied Research Laboratories

The National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC) is under the jurisdiction of the National Applied Research Laboratories. Being the largest laboratory animal resource center in Taiwan, NLAC also acts as the foundation and key platform for the development of biotechnology industry and biomedical research.

To uphold its core values of "Quality First, Welfare Foremost", the Center provides diversified animal resources and testing services based on a dual-track approach of advancing scientific application and animal welfare.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Disease Models & Induced Models


NIT was Established in 2016, and is the ONLY Nitinol manufacturing company in Taiwan.
NIT continues the Nitinol technology developed by Metal Industrial R&D Center, under the guidance of Dr. Wang, the co-innovator of Nitinol.
Nitinol Shape Memory alloy supplied by NIT meets the highest standard desired and expected by our customers. This is based on NIT's years of experience in Nitinol manufacturing technology and unique know-how in the fabrication of Nitinol adapted to specific applications.
NIT supply Nitinol fine wire and Nitinol components with high precision, high quality and good service. NIT also provide the services of the vacuum arc remelting, fine wire drawing, tube laser cutting, shape setting, and the testing of XRF, DSC, SEM, Tensile stress and fatigue.
Quality Management System of NIT meets the requirements in ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015.

Nitinol Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Nitinol wire, tube and Nitinol components. Nitinol spange nail.