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SUNDER has GMP & ISO13485 certificates. The factory is located in Yunlin. Services: Laboratory Services (TAF), Sterilization Validation & OEM Sterilization Service (medical devices, medicines, cosmetics), Medical Devices & Components, Mold Making & OEM Injection Molding.

Lianzan Precision has been serving customers in the biomedical industry for a long time. The development of molds leads the pace of innovation in medical devices and upgrades the upstream and downstream industries. It can obtain a large number of parts production in a short time, and help customers obtain urgent orders to grasp the fleeting business opportunities.Also by improving the production efficiency to reduce the manufacturing costs for customers . At the same time, relevant supply chain players will grow together to enhance the competitiveness and economic development of Taiwan’s biomedical industry clusters.

Super Micro Computer, Inc.

As a global leader in high performance, high efficiency server technology and innovation, we develop and provide end-to-end green computing solutions to the data center, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, HPC, and embedded markets. Our Building Block Solutions® approach allows us to provide a broad range of SKUs, and enables us to build and deliver application-optimized solutions based upon your requirements.


With more than a hundred machines including the latest 5-axis CNCs. Ta Mou is capable of producing anything from Endoscope devices, impellers, precision plastic molds & stamping tools to provide a turnkey solution for our customers.


TAICEND Mom and baby series
(1)C-section series (2)BB barrier film (3)Nipple patch
TAICEND Breast postoperative surgery care
(1) Soothing Wound Patch-Soft type(sterile) (2) Flower Patch(sterile) (3) Beauty Patch(sterile)
TAICEND acute and chronic wound series
(1)TAICEND anti-adhesion superabsorbent wound dressing (sterile), (2)TAICEND wound patch (sterile), (3)TAICEND Hydrogel(Sterile) ,(4)TAICEND Wound Gel(Sterile)
TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Series
(1) TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad for NIPPV facial pressure relief
(2) TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad for long-term surgical decompression
(3) (3)N95 Respirator Masks skin pressure relief pad

Taigama Biotech Inc.,Ltd

The company developed "Care anymen Ultracalming Mist " And " TGM liquid wound Protection Spray ", this series of products are satisfied with the pain points of modern civilization disease-diabetic wounds that are difficult to heal, and the rapid healing of chronic wounds, and have been tested in different regions (Taiwan, China, Malaysia) All of them are faster than traditional antibiotics and steroids. They are safe and reliable. The most special thing is that they do not contain western medicine ingredients. I believe that it will be a great boon to the society and the country with an aging population in the future.



Taiwan Aulisa Medical Devices Technologies INC.

Wearable/ Wireless Digital Vital Sign Monitoring and Alarm System

Taiwan Fanruan Co., Limited

FineReport integrates a variety of database and data types agilely, through simple design, produces all kinds of complex reports, and visually displays them in various types of devices such as mobile/pc/large screens.


Taiwan Instrument Research Institute, National Applied Research Laboratories

TIRI is the only organization that can provide advanced
instrumentation research and related instrument system innovations
for the fields, including science, engineering, biomedical and
agricultural science, etc. By holding the belief of “Drive Technology
Innovation to Promote Academic Research,” TIRI assists the industry,
academia and research organizations with instrument technology
solutions and innovative application services. It is also the first
organization to offer one-stop services for medical devices
development, consultation, test and verification. Serving as a
national dream team, TIRI is dedicated to assisting the academia in commercializing their creative ideas. Introductions of accelerators and start-up teams, with their products and achievements.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Additive Manufacturing& Biomedical Imaging Service Platform
2. Bio-chip & In Vitro Diagnostic System Service Platform
3. Medical Devices Validation and Verification Service Platform