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Franz Biotech Inc

Franz Inc./Franz Biotech Inc. is the global leader in ceramic 3D printing technologies and provides additive solutions to help customers to manufacture various electronic components with light, thin and short in size. Their application fields cover medical devices, semiconductors, information and communication technology products, and other emerging products. With our 3D-print services, we can assist many industries in the development of customized electronics, such as nanosatellites, 5G/6G mobile phone antennas, machined components, and electronics products, which help to optimize traditional manufacturing procedures. Here, as compared with other ceramic 3D printing technologies, the most unique feature of our creative 3D printing fabrication is that it can print extremely fine models without any support structures. For details, please refer to https://3d.franzcollection.com.tw/
Recently, we have also achieved success in the development of medical device. In 2020, the "3D printed all-ceramic crown" was officially proved by the TFDA. It is the only one that has passed the TFDA certification. Besides, the USA FDA certification is expected to pass by Q1, 2022. In 2021, Franz Inc./Franz Biotech Inc. cooperates with the NYCU interdisciplinary team of Memory Engrams Research (funded by Taiwan Brain Technology Development and International Raising Program, Ministry of Science and Technology) to develop a next generation of ceramic 3D-printed neural chip, which can be used for preclinical studies in diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. We are expected to promote ceramic 3D printing technology to the market of clinical medical devices in the future.

Fu Jen Catholic University



Taiwan Fu Jun Biomedical Co., Ltd is a high-tech medical device manufacturer. We have Taiwan GMP qualified plant and manufacture LLLT(low level laser therapy) medical device. Hope we can help patients be free from suffering and have a better life!


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Galaxy Software Services

We are the leader in Taiwan’ s IT industry and the regional IT software and SaaS cloud service provider. The basis of our innovation and development are: providing long term commitment towards customers’ use case study, sophisticated software engineering, advanced collaboration, use of advanced mobile, IT and cloud technologies. Our innovative applications and tailored solutions has won the heart of over 2000 financial service firms, government organizations, hospitals, telecommunication providers and customers from other industries as well as over 10,000 individual cloud application users.


Right Time is a platform that makes you never have to wait in clinics and hospitals. By using Right Time APP or website, you can see the numbers on your smartphone screen, which is synchronized with the LED screen outside the outpatient department in real-time. You can even set pop-up notifications on your phone before your number has shown up, letting you always be RIGHT on time.

Right Time is also a clinic information integration platform. Users can quickly find nearby clinics and their provided services through Right Time, and can instantly find clinic information such as address, telephone, business hours…etc. from the Right Time APP or website, via Right Time, all you need to know is at your fingertips.

7 Main Features for users:
#1. You can check your number anytime, anywhere.
#2.Pop-up notifications/reminders in advance
#3.Searching nearby clinics by distance
#4. Lookup for clinic information, departments, and provided services
#5.Showing up numbers in real-time
#6. Basic information provided (e.g. address, route, telephone…etc.)
#7. Clinic announcement and status displayed instantly

5 Advantages for clinics and hospitals
#1. Reduce the workload of nurses
#2. Avoid infections
#3. Increase visibility
#4. Real-time information updates and exposure
#5. Customer loyalty/stickiness for clinics and hospitals
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Products Advertising - Promote your products on Right Time app or website
2. System Integration - Integrate your medical systems into Right Time, making it easier to use (e.g. Hospital Online Appointments System)



General Biologicals Corporation

CellBio™ provides essential functions required to transform resource-heavy manual Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) detection into an automated, high-throughput, high-capacity process that is suited to clinical practice within less than 90 minutes.
With more than 1,000 samples testing, the system offers more than 90% capture rate. Recently Fubon Insurance Company in Taiwan has selected patented CellBio™ solution for their insurance policy holders to screen for cancers.

GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation

The bench-top POCKIT® Central Nucleic Acid Analyzer(POCKIT® Central) integrates magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction as well as fluorescence-based insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR), signal detection, and data processing/interpretation. POCKIT® Central offers a simple sample-in-answer- out protocol for up to 8 samples within 85 minutes. Complicated operation procedures and human operation errors are minimized.

Genetech Biotech

Genomic sequencing and cell biology related products