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AcuSense BioMedical Technology Corp.

About AcuSense: AcuSense is committed to providing a safer medical environment for patients and healthcare professionals in the world. Our product combines a wearable medical device, multi-bed IoT monitor system, and A.I.-based algorithms to effectively improve medical safety and quality of care. Our product can be used in home dialysis, acute and critical IV-line safety, chemotherapy injection, and ICU safety. In the future, we plan to deploy smart AIoMT solutions into the global catheter safety market. The company was founded in 2017 and has operations in Tainan Science Park in Taiwan.

Adronic Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd.

At present, the medical community generally detects the cancer cells that are small and flat. By using the traditional conventional light source, the color of the cancer cells will almost be identical to the normal cells that leads to the extreme difficulty to identify whether the cells needs to be remove. Due to the density of the neovascular cancer molecules are higher than the normal tissues, so by using the tradition endoscopy the doctor will only be able to see out-look of the cancer molecules. Adronic creates an Optical Multispectral Endoscope Camera Video System by using high-end Optical Glass Multicomponent Technology with a independent individual wavelength to inspect tumor. For example, when the 5-ALA contrast medium inject the veins, it can absorb the blue wave, that then causes the tumor show in red from the monitor display. Furthermore, the ICG contrast medium uses infrared wave (IR) that can therefore causes the tumor cells to fluoresce.

Advagene Biopharma Co., Ltd.

Advagene Biopharma Co., Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company that aims to develop mucosal immunotherapy, committed to providing human beings around the world the biopharmaceutical development for better epidemic prevention and treatment.
Advagene’s core technology: detoxified LT (LTh (αK)) platform, can regulate not only humoral but also mucosal immunity and enhance the production of mucosal immunoglobulin A (IgA), which can fortify the efficacy of vaccines and can change the transmission route; such
development has high medical potential. Advagene has applied this into the development of nasal influenza vaccine (AD07030), respiratory allergy treatment (AD17002-AI), COVID-19 immunotherapy (AD17002-SC), nasal COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines, among which nasal flu vaccine (AD07030) phase II clinical trial has been completed at the end of the first season in 2019. allergy treatment (AD17002-AI) phase I/II clinical trial is completed and administered in 2020, and COVID-19 immunotherapy (AD17002-SC) phase IIa is initiated in 2021.


AIFS/Medical Imaging aims to provide the most comprehensive tool-set to perform AI-based Medical Image analysis. Medical practitioners can conduct a medical image project with labeling, AI modeling, data viewing, statistical analysis, and AI-assisted decision-making with AIFS/Medical Imaging to receive ever- faster and ever-easier implantation and realization.

AdvMeds Co. Ltd

AdvMeds’ main product is mPHR Health Station. It’s an All-in-One self-service device, which provides blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen concentration, height and weight management, and other optional healthcare sensors available. Users can use their own IC cards, smart cards, smart phone app, or wearable devices, to immediately link to their personal cloud health data. All the personal analysis results can be shared with their friends and families on FB, twitter, or by SMS message, which becomes a cloud self-healthcare circle. These continuous data can also be seen as an important information for doctors while they are doing medication treatments. Knowing our own health condition at anytime and anywhere is absolutely a smarter way to manage our healthcare and an unstoppable trend in nowadays.
Besides mPHR Health Station, we also have mPHR Surveillance, mPHR Linkbox, mPHR HealthGo Box, and mScheduler.
We established an online cloud to combine 3 sides together, including users, doctors and care givers (long-term care organizations, families, and friends). Through this cloud we can not only reduce the paperwork but also create a more precise and effective workflow for all the participants.

aetherAI Co., Ltd

aetherAI is Asia's leading medical image AI company. The company is dedicated to providing solutions for digital pathology transformation and AI-powered diagnostic support.


Founded in 1994, Agri-Dragon Biotech has been committed to innovating farming technology and consolidating the industry life-cycle from R&D, production, raw material supply to sales and marketing. Emulating the ecology of tropical rainforests and how the human body functions, the patented AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System breaks the bottlenecks of sub-irrigation, improving soil fertility and health by making good use of sunlight, air, and water and enriching beneficial microbial diversity.

*No chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Overcomes continuous cropping obstacles. Plant diseases and pest infestation are greatly reduced.
*Zero tillage. Contributes to carbon sequestration and mitigates global warming.
*Increases the active ingredients of plants. High quality and high productivity.
*Applicable to most soil condition. Provides a solution to global food shortages.

In 2012, Agri-Dragon Biotech entered “Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP)” to establish a demonstrative farm, growing Chinese and western medicinal herbs and cash crops. Meanwhile, a fermentation factory was established to produce professional fermented drinks. What Agri-Dragon Biotech focuses on is transforming agriculture into a high-value industry and supporting the healthcare industry. Our main products are as follows: Micro Whole Food Nutrition, Herbal Tea series, Brown Rice Drink series, and Brown Rice & Nut Crispy Treats.

Alchemedicine, Inc.

Alchemedicine is Japanese biotech company having original expatize for unique design of small molecule drugs. We are establishing diverse drug discovery pipeline fo several disease area and looking for licensing or collaborative partners for further development.

Alger Technology Co.,Ltd.

Qiao-Xin Patch (Nasogastric Tube Holder)

ALPS Biotech CO., LTD.

ALPS Biotech is a new drug research and development company dedicated to the study of natural products founded in 2017. ALPS focuses on the development of biochemical research, new drug and in vitro diagnostic device (IVD) development, and healthy products development, as well as a variety of professional biotechnology service, such as protein separation, purification and identification technology.
So far, ALPS has initiated the long-term project to develop cancer early screening, immunotherapy, and cooperates with natural products research to help cancer patients with early diagnosis, better treatment and good quality of life.