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Homeway Technology Group

The development of LiZi series products was inspired by the concept of quantum mechanics of Micro World. LiZi comes from the mandarin word for ‘particle’. LiZi is a high-quality and durable composite fabric which is a combination of nano Germanium fiber yarn, Peptide yarn and Lycra elastic yarn.
By using the principle of far-infrared quantum energy wave frequency resonance, it can produce harmonious resonance when wearing, coordinate the current balance in the human body, promote blood circulation, improve peripheral circulation, promote metabolism, and accelerate the discharge of toxins in the body. With our exclusive Acupoint design, it can dredge the meridians and activate the whole body. Under long-term use, the body will restore its natural balance and improve its self-healing function to achieve effective care.


The company was founded in 2002 and is located in Puzi City, Chiayi County. It has vertical integration of production and sales and a one-stop business model from the production end to the consumption end of the raw and cooked food specialty store, creating new value in the industrial value chain and pioneering the industry. In order to establish its own beef cattle population, further transfer the technology of "Taiwan Yellow Cattle Breeding and Feeding Management Technology" with the Animal Production Laboratory of the Executive Yuan Agriculture Committee, and launch the "Taiwan Yellow Beef" local cattle brand, which is not only the only domestic cattle breed-based brand , The local brand beef with quality as the connotation and production and sales history is also the first domestic precedent for the commercialization of endangered breeds of livestock.

Hong Kong Target Global Empire Limited Taiwan Branch

Medical far-infrared series textiles

Hong-Ming Technology Co., Ltd.

Hong-Ming Technology (HMT) has specialized optical design ability and particularly specializes in manufacturing, integrating, and developing optical measurement systems and related application.
The customers include HTC, BYD, CWT, TPK, LENS Technology, CATCHER Technology , YFO, AUO, Chimei, Giga Solar Materials Corp. and etc.
With plenty of hands-on experience and expertise, HMT could provide technical consultative service and high quality measurement equipment.
Meanwhile, developing instruments for testing touch panel IR hole/sensor and the icon, HMT received great reputation from clients.
HMT regards “profession, innovation, and meeting customers’ requirements” as the utmost purpose to become the most trust-worthy brand to customers.
Exhibits: Optical Measurement System


Honmyue is a global advanced fabric supplier with over five decades of experience in functional and high-value-added products. In 2012, Our factory has been accredited by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for medical device good manufacturer practice (based on ISO 13485). Honmyue will present the following products:
●Medical Fabric: Surgical ESD Fabric, Bedsheet Fabric, Gown Fabric
●Medical Garment: Isolation Gowns, Surgical Gowns, Scrubs, Patient Gowns, Hospital Gowns, Lab Coats
●Other: Surgical Drapes, Surgical Covers, Surgical Wrappers, Waterproof Underpads, Healthcare Sheeting, Hamper Bags



Hsinchu Biomedical Sciemce Park Incubation Center

The Hsinchu Biomedical Science Incubation Center will primarily direct its efforts to promoting the development of the biomedical science industry. The main focus will be to cultivate the high-end medical devices industry, with emphasis also to be placed on the development of new pharmaceuticals. Top-notch companies will be enticed to establish a presence in the center. In the short-term, recruitment efforts will be centered on firms dedicated to developing medical devices that utilize Taiwan's strengths in ICT, as well as firms focusing on drug delivery.

Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology

The exhibition booths of the HSP showcase research and development competence and achievements of 10 biotechnology firms. Biomedical industry is the fastest growing sector of HSP, which has 8.3 % compound annual growth rate in revenue at last 5 years. Hsinchu Biomedical Park is an advanced biomedical industry cluster for cultivating diversified applications, e.g. high-end medical equipment, new drug and vaccines, featured medical technologies, to promote regional high-tech industry development.


"ProScreen" gene testing to test the patient's genetic data, and provide the doctor as a reference basis for selection of target drug. "ProScreen" uses next-generation sequencing genetic screening technology to detect 523 genetic data related to immune check point drugs and target drugs for tumor tissues and blood samples at a time. The detection range is wider, more comprehensive, and further assist physicians to choose accurate and suitable medication for patients.

Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital

Intelligent pharmacy AI real-time combat center and Intelligent cloud inventory system