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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Industrial Technology Research Institute

Demonstrate biomedical achievements and spread the energy of biomedical technology research and development.

InnoCare Optoelectronics Corporation

X-ray Sensor, X-ray Flat Panel Detector


Innolux provides a full range of smart healthcare solutions with the most comprehensive medical display modules. Its characteristics are high resolution, high brightness and wide color gamut.
Innolux medical displays can be used for the interpretation of DR/CR/CT/MR and mammography, ultrasound diagnosis and image recognition in cardiac catheterization and endoscopy.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Innolux provides a full range of smart healthcare solutions with the most comprehensive medical display modules.

InnoSpectra Corporation

InnoSpectra Corporation, a subsidiary of Coretronic Group, is committed to the development and sales of miniature near-infrared spectrometer inspection solutions. The endless emergence of counterfeit drug incidents in the world over the years, which seriously endangers human health, Innospectra collaborates with domestic hospitals based on miniature near-infrared spectrometers combines mobile phones, applications (APP) and drug databases to provide customers a “smart drug quick screening platform” to quickly identify counterfeit drugs. This inspection solution is characterized by lightness, convenience, and accuracy, and can be widely used in different scenarios.

Innovation Materials co., Ltd

facial mask

Insight Medical Solutions Inc.

Insight Medical Solutions developed the world\\\\\\\'s first magnetically controlled capsule endoscope capable of completely examining the upper digestive tract (EGD).

KLaser group first entered the capsule endoscopy research field through a technology development program with the MOEA in 2003. Active development of Magnetically controlled capsule endoscope prototype since 2013, and to develop the first magnetically controlled capsule endoscope.

Insight Medical Solutions(one of companies in KLaser group) was founded in 2015, completed 10 clinical trials in 2016, obtained investment approval from the National Development Fund in 2018, and launched our product in Taiwan market in 2019.

Our vision is to develop more safety and effectivation medical equipment and to promote social welfare and national health. The InsightEyes EGD System realizes anesthesia-free, painless, disposable and cross infection-free upper gastrointestinal endoscopy with an easy examination process and high patient acceptance. The fear of traditional endoscopic examinations, medical risks of anesthesia and postoperative complications can be avoided. It can provide early diagnosis and early treatment for various common diseases of the esophagus and stomach. In addition, we also provides related medical equipment rental service.

Institute for Information Industry

The AI mammogram assistant achieves three accomplishments:
1. Boosting the performance of taking mammograms for assisting radiographers
2. Alerting high-risk mammograms using AI analysis technology
3. Detecting suspicious lesions during radiologists screening mammograms
The AI mammogram assistant improves the performances of mammography, mammogram screening, and risk alert of breast cancer. Furthermore, reducing the processing time of delivering reports from 2 months to 10 days improves the workload and effectiveness of medical inspection.

Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science, Academia Sinica

Instrument Development of QMIA - Quantitative Mobile Immunoassay reader. For help on the identification of borderline for the pandemic outbreak and public health situation, our lab developed a portable, easy-to-use, and robust instrument for both antigen and neutralizing antibody concentration in a simple way. The purpose of this instrument could be applied to understand the isolation borderline and current public health status as well as for future disease diagnosis.