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JUN ZHI Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Cancer is a major disease that threatening human life and health. Nowadays, cancer screening-related technologies and services have been available on the market for many years, but their accuracy is the most criticized, and cancer is almost impossible to detect in the early stage. Jun Zhi develops SAA TEST by integrating top research teams such as Academia Sinica, National Tsing Hua University, National Yang-ming University, and Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho memorial Hospital. It only takes three minutes to draw a tube of blood, and through the purification of exclusive nanoparticles, we can target and analyze the trace amount of SAA in the blood. The protein is analyzed by mass spectrometry, and the self-developed AI biological interpretation software is used to analyze whether there is cancer. At current stage, SAA TEST can already detect gastric cancer and colorectal cancer. In the actual clinical test of thousands of people, the test for cancer stage I and stage II has a sensitivity of 65%. Compared to traditional screenings that have an overall accuracy rate of less than 40% and are even less detectable in the first and second stage, SAA TEST are a better choice.