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Life Star Biotech

Life Star Biotech was established in February 2016, focusing on technology research and development to implement biotechnology and medical product manufacturing. Through the core patent (patent number: I580429) "Silk Fibroin Extraction Technology", the natural raw material "Silkworm Cocoon" which to develop a variety of high-end medical equipment, such as wound dressings for chronic diseases, mucosal barriers, bone plates, bone nails, and imitation skin.
Life Star Biotech have our own Class10,000 clean room, which has obtained medical device GMP (certificate number: GMP1689), ISO 13485 medical device quality management system (certificate number: MD658571) and TIPS intellectual property management System (certificate number:TIPS-2019-Verification-002) is verified, so the medical device quality management system is implemented in the design and development, manufacturing and quality control to manufacture high-quality raw materials and products, and through the intellectual property management system to protect the company's core technology and intellectual property to enhance the company's competitiveness.

LightVision Technologies, Corp.


Lin Trading Co., Ltd

1. Digital Pathology Solution

2. High Throughput Screening System


In addition to being the sole agent of National Geographic in Taiwan, we are also in collaborations with renowned distributors like NHK , EBS , Saint Thomas Productions and Zodiak Entertainment Distribution. We present everyone with entertaining, educational and collectible products of the best audio-visual quality.

Liverage Biomedical Inc.

The fast pencil beam scanning (PBS) system of Proton Therapy has demonstrated its advance in dose delivery, and it is the trend. To cope with such high scanning speed characteristic, we present a novel detector system, “CROSS”, with fast measurements up to 20 kHz for its quality assurance (QA).  Such detector takes less than 1 minutes to measure characteristics of the scanning proton beam, which include beam position, spot size, scanning speed, exposure time, intensity , 2D dosage distribution and its energy. Beam energy measurement is made by placing a PMMA wedge on top of the detector to simulate water
thickness variation. Performance of this system is excellent both in measurements and in long term stability. The spatial resolution of 0.1 mm is achieved and the accuracy of scan speed measurement is better than 1 percent.  With the assistant of lock bar and its light weight, the whole system can be assembled for daily QA conveniently

Lo-Hsu Medical Foundation, Lotung Poh-Ai Hospital


Lohasiinfra Coporation

Lifestyle Medicine Education Center.
Back to the origin, from spirituality, exercise, diet, sleep, pressure releasing, and environmental management, help people to transform their own personal doctors or health scientists. We provide total solution for people gaining health and happy lives.
Lifestyle Medicine is the integrated diagnosis, treatment and healing of Chinese-Han medical science, Western medicine, and Naturopathic Medicine.
It is all for waking up your self-healing ability.


Electromotive Food service cart
Multifunctional electric tug
Electric mobile lifter

LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG

Lohmann Therapie-Systeme (LTS) is the global market leader in the development and manufacturer of transdermal (TTS) and oral/transmucosal thin film (OTF) drug delivery systems. From state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities in Germany and USA we supply the worldwide pharma markets (including China) on behalf of our numerous customers. Products developed by LTS cover a wide range of therapeutic areas, notable examples of innovator products are Exelon TTS (Rivastigmine, Alzheimer) and Neupro TTS (Rotigotine, Parkinson). MAP technology (micro array patches) is an emerging drug delivery technology for biologics, large molecules and vaccines, which LTS is offering lately. A pilot facility to produce GMP samples was established and is approved by the German authorities and is ready to supply you with clinical samples up to phase II. We look forward to introduce LTS` drug delivery technologies and services to you and investigate
collaboration opportunities.


The exhibited product of Lukas Biomedical Inc. is Autologous Activated T Lymphocyte (ATL), as known as CIK (Cytokine Induce Killer Cells) which is T cell that has long life-span, high specificity, and regeneration ability to prolong its interaction duration in the immune system. It plays a crucial role in the anti- cancer mechanism. They are isolated from the peripheral blood of patients and generated as a cell cluster through co-culture with cytokine (such as IL-2 and CD3 antibody). This cell cluster includes several immune cells with different surface antigens. In early studies, it was found that the majority of these immune cells are CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes. CD4+ helper T cells have the function of secreting cytokine to assist other immune cells, and CD8+ cytotoxic T cells have tumor-specific killing capacity. This tumor-specific killing capacity plays a critical role in the immune system to against cancer. In the latest year, CD3+CD56+ NKT cells, and CD3-CD56+ NK cells and other killer cells with cytotoxicity have also been discovered in the cell cluster.
The immunotherapy of Lukas has the following unique traits:
1. A One-time 80 ml blood collection from the patient can conduct total of six infusions. It avoids repeated blood collections from the patient.
2. Premium quality and quantity- the cell proliferation can be up to 1000 fold with 95% purity.
3. The results of phrase two and phrase three clinical trials showed that Lukas’ memory T immunotherapy could significantly prolong time to cancer recurrence.
4. This technology comes from Japan and has been on the market in South Korea. It has been manipulated on more than 10,000 patients and it has proved as safe and effective.