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New Era of Cell Therapy- Application of NK cell and Gamma-Delta T Cell in Cancer Therapy
Introduction of Covid-19 NAT and PCR equipment

Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.

horus SCOPE digital imaging artificial intelligence (AI) device simplifies the diagnosis process with advantages:
1) To enhance preventive healthcare through the easier screening process.
2) To liberate eye diagnosis from the limitation of ophthalmologist, since it can be performed by general physician as well.
3) To maximize the efficiency of medical resources by providing diagnose assistance to doctors.
4) To minimize DR-caused blind if the symptoms can be spotted in early stage.

Medlion Life Science Technology

Self-health management and self-home medical care
Multi-parameter measurement technology
-Community pharmacy becomes a community health management center
-Multi-physiological parameter measurement for self-health management
-Management of chronic diseases in rural residents
-Future on non-invasive blood glucose measurement technology for diet management
Women's Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation System
-Home treatment of moderate and mild stress urinary incontinence for women
-Exercise and maintenance of women's pelvic floor muscles


"MedzoneAsia - The medical e-commerce platform for clinics
The secondary procurement option for the general practitioner, Providing varieties of medical stuff and making doctors purchasing conveniently."

Mental Healthcare Limited

MentalWe is a digital platform focusing on "mental health". We developed smart watches with high reliability and validity, health promotion APP and medical professional courses. We connects resources and integrates one-stop services to meet the four major aspects (children Health, psychological relief, sleep health, and silver hair care) needs.

Service items:
1.Smart watch: Self-developed with high reliability and validity data compared to Polysomnography (PSG) which is the gold standard for sleep monitoring. Recording of accurate physiological information such as sleep, activity level, step counting, calorie consumption, heart rate, etc., providing autonomous health data collection and analysis. To connect medical institutions, everyone have long-term data and personalized "health data passbook".
2.Smart Scale: Online scales that have been validated by research and connected to the medical system to establish long-term tracking data.
3.Health promotion and treatment assistance APP, courses in a lively game mode, easy to enjoy professional-level services at home.
4.Experts come to your home:Invited nearly a hundred medical experts, provide articles and online courses. easily enjoy professional-level services at home.
5.Connecting online and offline medical resources, using AI data analysis, we provide active care services.
Mentalwe realizes all-round mental and psychological preservation for you!

MEPLA Japan Co., Ltd.

Business development service for the companies and hospitals in medical / healthcare industry, especially for digital transformation and global businesses. MEPLA has the strong network in ASEAN countries. MEPLA is becoming the "MEdical PLAtform"​ to make the healthcare innovation to bring great care to all people in the world.

Metal Industries Research & Development Centre


MiCareo Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Automated Microfluidic Sorting and Imaging System
Product Intro.:
1. ALL-IN-ONE and automation.
2. Accepts all liquid biopsies, such as whole blood, can be processed without using lysis or density centrifugation.
3. Even one single cell in 8 mL of whole blood can be found with greater than 97% sensitivity and 0% false positive rate.
4. The isolated individual cells are now automatically incubated with up to 13 different antibodies.
5. Preserving the integrity of the cells with 99% survival, affording access to the complete range of genomic and cell culture.

Micro Solutions Sp. j.

We’re an ISO 13485 certified medical IT company empowering clinical, diagnostic, and research laboratories to improve their TAT, and data management, so they can make more tests, improve diagnosis, get results faster, and do anything that in the end contributes to the health and well-being of patients.
We help laboratory device manufacturers connect with LIMS solutions over HL7, ASTM, POCT1-A, LIS2-A2, and other proprietary protocols. With our ISO 13485, we simplify and accelerate procedures related to the registration of medical devices. We extract valuable information from medical images (multispectral, X-ray, light and confocal microscopy) using advanced image processing and elements of machine learning and AI.