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Prisma Biotech

1.) Single cell Sequencing
2.) Oncology
3.) Reproductive Health


EXGEL premium comfort cushion from Japan
Moving Life ATTO from Israel


Sotax AT Dissolution System, Automatic Sample Preparation Station
Pharmatron Tablet Hardness Tester MT50/ ST50
Pharmatron Disintegration Tester DT50
Rigaku Raman Spectroscopy Analyzer
TEWS Moisture Analyser
Gyrozen HyperVap Evaporation System
Precision Nano Systems Nano Assemblr


ProtectLife International Biomedical Inc. pledged to uphold its objective of "Protecting Life" and its vision of "Respect for Life" by providing professional, accurate, and timely care guardianship solutions. Furthermore, by using the users' and subjects' perspectives as a starting point, accurate and convenient In Vitro Diagnostic instruments and reagents for each medical location can be developed to deliver highly accurate results.

ProtectLife is a Taiwanese medical equipment manufacturer. All of our products are created in strict accordance with ISO 13485 and GMP, allowing us to provide ENNOLIFE, a clinical chemistry analyzer that can perform numerous diagnoses in one machine, including biochemistry and immunology analysis from samples. ENNOLIFE is suitable for designated Point-of-Care locations, such as clinics, care centers, a nursing home, ambulance, community health centers, schools, corporate health centers, remote areas, clinical medical laboratory, and other applications because users can get complete reports with significant parameters in a very short time.
There are five features we would like to express
1. Easy: To operate, only fingertip blood is required.
2. Fast: No pre-processing required; report comes out after 15 minutes
3. Accurate: Data are compared with lab analyzer (Siemens ADVIA 1000)
4. Portable: Weighs only 7kgs, easy to carry.
5. Exceptional: Provides excellent service for users.


"ProScreen" gene testing to test the patient's genetic data, and provide the doctor as a reference basis for selection of target drug. "ProScreen" uses next-generation sequencing genetic screening technology to detect 523 genetic data related to immune check point drugs and target drugs for tumor tissues and blood samples at a time. The detection range is wider, more comprehensive, and further assist physicians to choose accurate and suitable medication for patients.

PuriBlood Medical Co., Ltd.

Safe Transfusion Save Lives - A New Leukocyte Reduction Solution from Taiwan!
To prevent the transfusion reaction, leuko-depletion before transfusion is a norm in most of the countries. PuriBlood is committed to improving the blood filtration process with innovative technology. Our products provide better and stable filtration performance, which can remove more than 99.99% of white blood cells and reduce filtration time.