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HOLY TREE Biomedical Co.,Ltd.

HOLY TREE FORMOSA ESSENZ STUDIO was founded in 2004. The company
founder combined content from I-Ching, the concept of aromatherapy in Germany
the theory of meridian system in Chinese medicine. e, and the application of Wu Xing
(the five elements) with the most valuable treasures fro ` Ta an\\\'s forests, such
as, Chamnaecyparis formosensis, Cinnamomum~micranthun, Calocedrus fonnosana
(Florin), Litsea Cabeba (Lour) Persoon, Cinnamonmum Camphora, and Cryptomeria
japonica (L.f.) D. Don to develop a series products for HOLY TREE.
A TAF-accredited laboratory was entrusted to complete a comprehensive DNA
fingerprinting and total component analysis for each of the company\\\'s products.
Therefore, we have obtained patents granted by the intellectual Property Office,
Ministry of Economic Affairs. Our products have also won the \\\"National Quality
Assurance Gold Award\\\"
\\\"Invention Patent Competition Bronze Award\\\"


The company was founded in 2002 and is located in Puzi City, Chiayi County. It has vertical integration of production and sales and a one-stop business model from the production end to the consumption end of the raw and cooked food specialty store, creating new value in the industrial value chain and pioneering the industry. In order to establish its own beef cattle population, further transfer the technology of "Taiwan Yellow Cattle Breeding and Feeding Management Technology" with the Animal Production Laboratory of the Executive Yuan Agriculture Committee, and launch the "Taiwan Yellow Beef" local cattle brand, which is not only the only domestic cattle breed-based brand , The local brand beef with quality as the connotation and production and sales history is also the first domestic precedent for the commercialization of endangered breeds of livestock.


Essential oil stickers portable application: aromatic healing, mosquito repellent, etc.

InnoSpectra Corporation

InnoSpectra Corporation, a subsidiary of Coretronic Group, is committed to the development and sales of miniature near-infrared spectrometer inspection solutions. The endless emergence of counterfeit drug incidents in the world over the years, which seriously endangers human health, Innospectra collaborates with domestic hospitals based on miniature near-infrared spectrometers combines mobile phones, applications (APP) and drug databases to provide customers a “smart drug quick screening platform” to quickly identify counterfeit drugs. This inspection solution is characterized by lightness, convenience, and accuracy, and can be widely used in different scenarios.


Hyperspectral imaging system

IT'S Science

IT'S Science Corporation.”Precise,Prevention,Repair,Senior”is our brand purpose.Our company have the patent technology authorization from the Council of Agriculture.We have two core technologies, Flip-Flop Phospholiposome (patent) andspecial Probiotics.Our expertinafield include pharmacy, pharmacology, food, aquatic products, immunity, biotechnology,etc. We have some products launch, such as Probiotics for maintain muscle strength,Probiotics for hangover,Seafood essence for wound recovery.

Lan Hui Biotech Limited Company

Lan Hui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is aim to generate orchid brands specialized in Taiwan based on past ten years’orchid research findings of NCKU Orchid R&D Center. The use of biotechnology patented technology to develop various orchid derivatives and integrate them into our lives.Lan-Hui want to create the orchid cosmetic, perfume and other products by using orchid biotechnology. The brand can be value added through innovation and creativities to bring new visions to the orchid industry.

Lemnaceae Fermentation, Inc.

LemnaRed® free form[3S,3S']-Astaxanthin 80%(FDA NDI Notification verified)
LemnaGreen® Plus (plant protein)
FSSC 22000/ISO 22000/HACCP/HALAL certificated.

Maxigen Biotech Inc.

MBI's biomedical products are mainly applied to the usage of orthopedics, aesthetic medicine, dental and ophthalmology. Production quality is in accordance with international regulations and requirements. Also our products have been certified by Taiwan, China, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other emerging markets.

Sanguo Co., Ltd.

Phallanthus emblica