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Medical Cable& Tube/DP/HDMI/USB/LAN Cable

Chphilia Bio-Pharmaceutical Ltd

The FREE DUO system has been designed in a one-step analytical system to allow professionals to permit rapid, precise, and accurate oxidation and inflammation detection service. The small size and the functionality of the design mean that FREE DUO can easily use in any area such as a CRO laboratory, wellness center, clinic, hospital, or pharmacy.

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital

The affiliated hospital of Chung Shan Medical University Hospital has implemented paperless medical information for more than 10 years. It has established a big data in the cloud in Chung Shan Medical University, and is now launching data mining analysis and applications. Therefore, at this medical technology exhibition, the hospital has drawn up the following results to demonstrate the hospital's outstanding characteristics in medical information:
1. Establishing a big data that records the AI electronic medical records - the EMR Search system.
2. Automatic coding of medical big data ICD-10, and optimization effect of derivative DRG declaration and CMI value.
3. AI medical research big data analysis results.
4. Smart nursing care and pharmacy.
5. Intelligently Occupational Rehabilitation.
6. Robotic Assistive Therapy.
7. Testing for New Psychoactive Substances, Classic Drugs and Related Metabolites in Urine and Hair.
8. Cell Therapy.


CMIC Group pioneered the CRO business in Japan over 28 years ago. Since then CMIC has continued as a leading innovator in the industry and has expanded services to encompass the entire pharmaceutical value-chain. We pride ourselves on meeting customers where they are and with exactly what they need to move their products forward. CMIC offers tailored solutions for pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, academia, bio-ventures and medical institutions. Using our collective strengths, we offer a broad range of services from preclinical research to practical applications with over 7,000 employees.

Cognito Health Inc.

Founded in 2012, Cognito Health is an innovative medical equipment manufacturer dedicated to improving patient safety.
Cognito system is a 24/7 predictive patient monitoring system which predicts patient behavior for "fall prevention" and "pressure injury care". The system predicts potential bed exits and notify healthcare staff to prevent patients from fall incidents with proprietary algorithms and sensor technology. Visualized pressure distribution and pressure time also benefit to assessing effective repositioning. Comprehensive tracking of data history helps clinicians customize patient care plans, reducing alarm fatigue and improving quality of care.
Cognito system effectively reduces fall incidents and assists in pressure injury care, providing two-in-one solution for patient safety. Flexible cloud-based system or local network solutions is applicable for the extension of deployment and integration.

Cold Spring Biotech Corp.

Cold Spring Biotech (CSB) Corp is a professional agent for the world-renowned brands of cutting-edge precision medical instruments and has established excellent reputation and popularity worldwide. We have perfect sales links for selling precision instruments and reagents in the Greater China region for more than 30 years with several business offices branched in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong covering the region.
Our cutting-edge testing and research technology center for precision medicine was established and located in Taipei. The laboratory is missioned to develop our own innovative technology platform, LDTs and IVD products, and provides technical services, total solutions and project cooperation to our clients.

List of products and services:
1. System solutions for precision testing, gene medicine and cell therapy.
2. CSB's products and services: cancer-related molecules (EGFR, BRAF gene mutations), spinal muscular atrophy (SMN1/2 gene quantification), virus testing development (COVID-19, HBV).
3.Multiple gene expression detection service (NanoString, NCOUNTER FLEX): FFPE RNA extraction service, original reagents on-board service.
4.Trace protein detection service (Quanterix, Simoa HD-1): original reagents valet on-board service, customized reagent development.
5.Cell-related technical services (Fluxion, IsoFlux): circulating tumor cell (CTC) enrichment, CTC counting.


TOSHO Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine XANA-100


All kinds of inflatable sporting balls

CoreTech System Co., Ltd.

Moldex3D is the world leading CAE product for the plastics injection molding industry. With the best-in-class analysis technology, Moldex3D can help you simulate the widest application range of injection molding processes to optimize product design and manufacturability, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI.

Plastic materials are widely used in medical devices industry. The applications of plastic injection molding range from surgical, diagnostic testing, drug delivery, geriatric care, self-treatment, preventative medicine, and etc. In recent years the development of plastic application in prosthetic device and invasive surgical instrument has drawn lots of attention due to its cost-effectiveness and better antiseptic. Due to delicacy and defect-free requirements for medical devices, quality control is the key for manufacture procedure. Also, because of the small part size, many medical devices are manufactured in multi-cavity injection molding to increase productivity. It is critical to have all cavities fill uniformly to ensure even products quality and high yield rate. Traditionally, trial-and-error method is applied to test and verify design. However, it results in long product manufacturing cycle time and high production costs. Moreover, many medical devices are made of fabricated components. To be fabricated seamlessly, warpage of each molded part should be controlled precisely. To overcome all the design problems within time and cost constraints is a great challenge for medical-device industry.