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Microsoft provides the leading technologies to empower smart healthcare development. In the exhibition, Microsoft will demonstrate the latest smart healthcare applications with cloud, mixed reality, AI and IoT technologies and reveal the future of hospital, precision medicine, and medical research.

Mikotek Information Inc.

The Miko Drip System intelligently monitors the real-time status of the IV drip speed and supports a "plug and play" mode. Miko Drip can change detailed information such as drip settings through the buttons of the device or mobile APP and also accurately monitors the remaining time of the infusion. When the drip is about to end or the infusion process is abnormal, Miko Drip alert by LED lights and sound, and send out information to the mobile APP at the same time. The Miko Drip System combined with the Miko IoT medical care management platform can provide notifications to a specific caregiver according to related schedule, and integrate the drip information and display on Miko NIS at nursing station.

Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG

Miltenyi Biotec commits to promoting the automation of the cell therapy industry, whether it is GMP-compliant raw materials or automation equipment, all provide innovative solutions for you.


Latex-free and Medical Grade Material, Non-TPE.
Made of high quality polymer and compound, avoid allergies that may be caused by protein. Same quality grade with our latex-free tourniquets.
Special production technology from Italy, textured surface design for easier & safer grip. No powder added, non-slippery.

Min-Sheng General Hospital

"Due to the improvement of medical treatment and health environment, People’s average life expectancy is increasing year by year. With the aging of the population, the types of diseases have changed from acute infectious diseases to chronic diseases. In order to solve the current problems, medical technology is also developing towards regenerative medicine, precision medicine and digital medicine
We provide genetic testing services using Illumina biogenetic medical device. We use SNP testing to identify key sites on DNA sequences, and by comparing the genetic database, we can obtain the results of disease risk prediction and provide personalized medical services.
Min-Sheng Hospital will use the telecare and wireless remote physiological monitoring of the health care system (height, weight, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.). After the medical team interprets the data, people with abnormal values will be tracked and managed. If necessary, people are recommended to receive further services in hospital."


Provide patented technology
Actively assist customers in customizing the antibacterial and antiviral products they need, The research and development of VIROCRUSH patented technology aims to provide antibacterial and antiviral solutions for products from all walks of life, and to give products higher added value.
Manufacturing technology into the customer's existing product line, and is committed to providing a more diverse choice of anti-virus service.

Provide anti-virus 3C peripheral accessories product display on site:
iPhone anti-virus and anti-drop shell, anti-virus identification cardholder, anti-virus 9H tempered glass,

Introduce that anti-virus materials can be imported into silicone products / plastic polymers (soft/hard materials) / tempered glass, a variety of materials.


MING FONG's VIROCRUSH patented technology was invested in research and development to solve customers' needs in medical industry for anti-bacterial and anti-viral products, to help reduce potential bacterial and viral infections that may be caused by the use of the product in the environment. The VIROCRUSH process is suitable for soft and hard plastic polymers, silicone, and tempered glass surfaces. To form a nano-protective layer under the surface of the substrate product to make your products provide 24/7 antibacterial and antiviral protection during a secondary processing after molding!

With 38 years of professional mold manufacturing and injection molding experience, MING FONG provides high supreme service for plastic products applied to the medical industry.

-Product development and design
-Mold design and fabrication
-Plastic parts single/double injection
-Post-processing integration
-Final products assembly
-Inspection, packaging and shipment

MING FONG emphasizes the technology-oriented and implement solid comprehensive management to service every customer with good cooperation experience. We’re committed to deliver quality service to every customer and take the customer satisfaction first as the goal as our honor!


*Tennis Racket Grip Tapes
*Badminton Racket Grip Tapes
*Pickleball Paddle Grip Tapes
*Squash Racket Grip Tapes
*Hockey Grip Tapes
*Floorball Grip Tapes
*Baseball Bat Grip Tapes
*Jump Rope Grip Tapes
*Bicycle Handle Bar Tapes
*Bicycle Leather Bags
*Bike Grips
*Racket Accessories

Minitab Authorized Partner Scientific Formosa Inc

Minitab is the leading provider of software and services for quality improvement and statistics education. More than 90% of Fortune 100 companies use Minitab Statistical Software.
Scientific Formosa Inc. is a leading professional software distributor in Taiwan. Major business areas include distributing various application software packages, planning integrated solutions, and providing solid technical support to enterprise clients.