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Hanma far-infrared blanket and quilt treatment, instrument, warmer, hot compress pad, and health care products.

Siva Organic

From east of Taiwan
Hualian, the most beautiful land in Taiwan. Planting 37hectares with certification of organic farm, manual weeding process without any pesticides.  It is a purely and safety environment.
Recently we found that curcumin grown on our farmland
is 8%~20%with certification.  The result of is the most higher of the world up today.
 Also won the International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi, two stars of the Superior Taste Award of 2017.
Farmers in Hualian has join the “non-toxic agriculture” program, by producing high quality products with zero residue.  We are sincerely and truly caring everyone to eat simple and healthy.

Please leave your email if you like to have more details. Thank you very much.

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TAIDING Automatic Canopy Ltd.

Urban Oasis - With urban/community greenhouse equipment as its orientation, it will conduct pilot operations and adjust the content and mechanism of its services on a rolling basis through the development of small smart greenhouses suitable for urban use, and the establishment of demonstration points for new business models. The Company provides the whole output and one-stop service model, look forward to through experience and sharing economy, so that more consumers use the experience, and then the use of the company's research and development of small ping space greenhouse facilities. And agricultural commercial specifications smart greenhouse, to small city specifications, and through cross-foot leisure tourism, through the opening of greenhouses and industrial tourism to close the distance with consumers; We are also trying to transform our business model by sharing new forms of community service in the economy and working with industry alliances.

Taiwan Deer Antler Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Modern people consume probiotics in the intestinal tract due to factors such as dietary habits, drug use, stress, etc. Therefore, proactive supplementation of probiotics is the best solution for maintaining vitality and maintaining digestive tract function. Kefir lactic acid bacteria are selected from the traditional fermented milk in the well-known longevity village-Caucasus mountain area. After high-tech biological fermentation, they are made into cultured good bacteria. It not only contains active lactic acid bacteria, but also has lactic acid, organic acid and small Rich in nutrients such as molecular protein, adding deer antler powder to help improve immunity.

Taiwan Direct Biotechnology Corp.



「Three times roasted bamboo salt」 is a natural sun-baked salt that has been repeatedly roasted three times under high temperature. It completely absorbs the minerals in the bamboo and integrates the five elements “gold (iron stove), water (sea salt), and wood (Makino bamboo) , Fire (firewood), soil (charcoal ash) “, and activate the antioxidant capacity of sea salt, so that the weakly acidic sea salt has evolved into an alkaline healthy edible salt(PH 10+) rich in natural trace elements and minerals.

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology

The future application of Nostoc commune in solid state fluorescence can further increase its commercial value.


Unicare cooperation was founded in 2002, with the corporate mission of "Cosmetics Product Consultant", with GMP and ISO quality certification, integrating product marketing strategies, and providing complete ODM service solutions for skin care products.
In 2021, Unicare was honored to be selected as one of the participating partners of the Medical Biotechnology Exhibition by Agricultural Technology Research Institute. In this exhibition, Unicare would display the EGF series products collaborated on technology with Taiwan Produce high-potency .Produce high-potency active EGF with cutting edge genetic engineering technology for speedy recovery for epidermis and plumping skin, solve all skin problems from the roots! Unique in the beauty-oriented demand market, the full range of EGF products not only effectively repair the epidermal swelling skin, but also use the strength of biochemical technology to solve various skin problems, with significant effects.
Unicare sincerely invites all the customers and partners from all over the world to collaborate together to build the core value of international cosmetic products and create abundant revenue.

Wei Ho company

We decide to transfer our career from technology industry to agriculture is retrieve our initial ideas to produce local organic red sage ginseng and no longer fear of unknown products or heavy mental, or even the harm of sulfur dioxide. Only the safety food sources, people shall not to worry about getting sick from food and food can be a real non-toxic products.

Yuan Hsien Farming Tech Co.,LTD.

.Hydroponic Planting exhibit
.Display of various vegetable products
.Planting shelves / Hydroponic planting method display
.nutritional supplements