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Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital

Intelligent pharmacy AI real-time combat center and Intelligent cloud inventory system

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

Tzu Chi Charity Foundation had set foot around the world in over 122 countries. Therefore, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital already became an internationalized medical center, which has accumulated many fruitful accomplishments over 35 years in medical aspects. For many years, it collaborated with charity, education, culture main missions and continued to provide innovation and hope within the Taiwan medical systems. Hence, our hospital participates in this exhibition with co-development firms. Our central theme this year is ”Stem cell innovative therapy” followed with other hot issues, including cell therapy, cancer immune treatment, development of new drugs and innovative medical appliances, smart healthcare, preventive medicine, international healthcare, and New Southbound Projects. We hope to share our accomplishments with society. Through this exhibition, our hospital wishes to enhance international links and achieve the initial intention of innovative development with people-oriented thoughts in the end.

I-Shou University

Institute of Preventive Medicine , National Defense Medical Center

1. Novel polysaccharide nanoparticles as vaccine carrier and adjuvant:

This technology uses polysaccharides such as chitin and fucoidan, which are commonly found in nutritional supplements, and stirs them in a specific ratio at room temperature to form non-toxic nanoparticles (FqC-NPs), which can be recognized by immune cells and are suitable for use as an adjuvant to enhance the protection of vaccines. In addition, we have observed that combining FqC-NPs with anthrax vaccine adsorbed (AVA) significantly increases the magnitude of IgG-anti-protective antigen titers in A/J mice compared to that by CpG oligodeoxynucleotides plus AVA or AVA alone. Furthermore, FqC-NPs plus AVA provided a superior survival rate (100%) of A/J mice.

2. Application of combining unmanned vehicles and FIDO B2 (IBAC) for military biodefense:
The application of unmanned vehicles (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles) can expand the energy protection for enabling rapid actions in many aspects of military biodefense.
For various battlefield environments, Institute of Preventive Medicine, National Defense Medical Center has developed a real-time detection and sampling system for air bio-agents that combines unmanned vehicles and FIDO B2 (IBAC), which can perform system monitoring and unmanned sampling.

Joint Commission of Taiwan

Health Smart Taiwan, HST

HST is the first smart healthcare innovation and integration platform in Taiwan, which provides healthcare technology trends and solutions.
1. Excellent Solutions in Taiwan
2. Successful cases
3. Bridging Gaps between the Medical and Technology
4. Cross-field Collaboration for Clinical Trials
5. Integration of Virtual and Physical Exchanges between healthcare and technology

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital

The Smart Endoscopy Medical Display: Hyperspectral Imaging X AI Solution to identify Esophageal Cancer Lesions.
By using both hyperspectral imaging and AI, our product can help medical personnel to greatly increase the effectiveness and accuracy of the diagnosis, the AI can find possible lesions from the images and then pass the results to physicians to verify the findings. Our product features the ability to extract data from hyperspectral images, so when physician performs endoscopy, the product can mark precise lesion positions in real-time, and help the physician to quickly identify the illness, avoid traditional endoscopy problems like unclear image boundaries or not easy to identify. The smart endoscopy medical display is mainly operated by a touch panel. One can touch the screen with fingers to input instructions and data, which is easy to use and time saving, optimizes the quality of diagnosis.

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital Gangshan Branch

In response to the impact of new helicopter equipment, our hospital cooperated with Associate Professor Huang Pi-Chun, Department of Psychology, National Cheng Kung University, using the theoretical basis of visual perception, combined with computer software and hardware design, to jointly complete the development of a dichoptic-viewing simulation operating system to provide early adaptation to the operating environment, strengthening the effectiveness of pilot training, and maintaining flight safety. This design has been granted a new patent by the TIPO in 2021.

Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital

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