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Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital


Like a toddler learning how to walk, Since 1962,Shinih has grown step by step with great effort to be one of the largest non-woven manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Major product lineup covers various non woven processes such as resin bond, hot melt bond, needle punch, spunbond, meltblown, spunlace in different industries including automobile exterior, interior and NVH applications, high-grade bedding and carpets, filtration, geotextile, and personal hygiene.

Exhibition items:
Non-woven materials made by PP/PET/TE/ES spunbond/meltblown/spunlace/thermobond and applied to various medical or health care products.

Show Chwan Health Care System

Showchwan health care system is the largest privately-owned hospital group in Taiwan. For 2021, Showchwan health care system will be connected with medical specialties. The Vision of this joint fund of BE Capital and Show Chwan Health Care System is making Taiwan becoming "The Gateway to Asia for HealthTech and MedTech".

Show Chwan Health Care System

Medtech StartHub
The themes of the exhibition including matching platform, startup lectures, startup team booths.
We provide this platform for the startup teams and investors more effectively obtain matching and resources, and assist startup teams, physicians, different hospital systems, venture capital funds, and international medical companies to interact and communicate.


Based on the increasing number of pathological slides, the demands has become the future development trend through digitization of pathological slides and proceed AI assisted to improve the inspection speed of medical technologist and the quality of doctors' diagnosis to solve the shortage of medical technologist. This program develops an automatic high resolution digital slides image scanning system and collocate with intelligence imaging cloud medical technologist platform of AI assisted calibrate classification, all the images of digital slides will store in the could to assist doctors for multi-consultations. Integrating the energy of domestic medicine and the demand and verification for medical care to complete the pathological imaging AI deep learning and medical platform. After program is completed, expecting to lead talented person is able to have integrated ability of hardware and software in medical imaging technology and thereby to improve Taiwan's international competitiveness in digital medical technology through intelligent and differentiation services and combined with customized functional design.

Sigma Technology Co., Ltd.

Sigma Technology Co., Ltd. (Provider of medical wearable device solutions)
The company for preventive medicine research and development, production of "ECG / PPG / SpO2 smart health bracelet" and related products. Integrating various professional algorithms, according to various excellent sensors, our company has independently developed algorithm programs to realize the application in different fields, import AI algorithms according to the needs of customers, and conduct statistics, prediction and analysis of big data. In the design of system components, it can sense the changes of important parts and regions of human body. For example, ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, respiration and the changes of human subtle movements. It can also be used in wireless remote home safety care, various physiological data monitoring, and various action detection, analysis, reminder and warning. With the professional concept of forward-looking and preventive medicine, and combining with specialists and professionals in the medical field, we will jointly develop medical grade "ECG / PPG/ SpO2 smart health bracelet" and related products. The purpose of "smart health bracelet" and related products is to prevent heart related diseases, such as arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, stroke and other diseases through early detection and professional analysis. At the same time, it also constantly promotes innovation and research, so as to become a professional enterprise in this field that is truly recognized by consumers.


DELPHIN Vacuum Cleaner

Singular Wings Medical

Singular Wings Medical is composed of experts from Taiwan's technology and medical industries. It is a startup company focusing on hardware design, software development and cloud platform services for healthcare mobile medical devices, dedicated to group vital signs management services Design, development and production. It can be used in health care, emergency rescue, health management, sports and fitness and other fields.
Our products and technologies are:
1. Vital signs measurement of Bio-transmitter
2. AI-Powered vital signs measurement algorithm and judgment
3. Real-time transmission and platform information integration
4. Group epidemic monitoring system
5. Cardiovascular disease detection
6. Sleep apena detection and assessment
With Singular Wings Medical’s instant and accurate platform, the professionals can monitor group health efficiently. The emergency physiological abnormalities report and long-term physiological state management with the instant physiological information report, allow the professionals to make the best judgement.

Sinom Corporation

Microfluidic Products, Droplet Generation Pack, Pressure Controllers(Low/medium/high/Hydraulic pressure),Flow Controllers
Temperature Controllers,Flowmeters,Vacuum Gauges,Pressure Gauges,LevelMeters
Temperature and Humidity, Leak Detectors,Data Recorders, Air Quality Analysis
Gas Detection, Gas Analysis, DewPoint Moisture Analysis

Siva Organic

From east of Taiwan
Hualian, the most beautiful land in Taiwan. Planting 37hectares with certification of organic farm, manual weeding process without any pesticides.  It is a purely and safety environment.
Recently we found that curcumin grown on our farmland
is 8%~20%with certification.  The result of is the most higher of the world up today.
 Also won the International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi, two stars of the Superior Taste Award of 2017.
Farmers in Hualian has join the “non-toxic agriculture” program, by producing high quality products with zero residue.  We are sincerely and truly caring everyone to eat simple and healthy.

Please leave your email if you like to have more details. Thank you very much.

(Email: curcumin [email protected])