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Smart Hospital Display Technology Application Pavilion (SDIA)

With the theme of smart hospitals, it plans six-zone scenario themes, including waiting rooms, clinics, operating rooms, inspection centers, checkout counters & pharmacies, and epidemic prevention areas, and exhibits 34 solutions for the application of display technology to smart hospitals.


Smart Motion Control Co., Ltd. (SMMC) was founded in 2003 and was a distributor in automation industry. By co-working with foreign engineers in Japan/the U.S./South Korea/China who develop the higher-performance automatic devices and control systems, in 2010 we started development processes for various motion/automation related products such as torque control stepping servo
systems, closed loop/open loop control systems, controllers/drivers/stepper motors, electric cylinders, linear/rotary actuators, alignment stages, brakes/gear reducers, etc.


SOCIUM is an AI-powered drug discovery and development company focused on first-in-class small molecules. The company currently has a development portfolio of over 23 diseases, including oncology and rare diseases. The company replaces multiple steps in the traditional drug discovery process with an in-silico system using our cutting edge algorithm, established a system to identify the drug discovery target in a few months. By taking a systems biology approach using our Augmented intelligence and Machine Learning – instead of hypothesizing the mechanism of a disease and focusing on only a few related compounds, we profile the entire disease by analyzing various OMICS data.


SOFIVA GENOMICS is the clinical indicators of prenatal diagnosis, genetic testing and genetic counseling in Taiwan. Beginning from the Molecular Genetics Laboratory of Medical Genetics in National Taiwan University Hospital to SOFIVA GENOMICS today, we established our leading position in the maternal-fetal medicine with continuously developing innovative clinical diagnostic techniques.


1. Protak Scientific : Enzyme Indicator technology. A digital report , 60 seconds solution, meets FDA CFA 21 report requirement.
2. Altapure : >6 Log, 100 % free virus, cold decontamination solution, very low H2O2+PAA sterilant. free to sensitive equipment in the room. full direction.
3. Sleepon: remote sleep recording, analysis. support tool for continuous monitor on AHI, HRV, ---etc., APP, Web base platform support.



Somnics, Inc.

Somnics Inc. is a Taiwan based medical device company focusing on developing innovative technologies for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Somnics was founded in 2011 by Dr. Chen, Chung-Chu who himself suffered OSA and understood the deficiencies of first-line treatment like CPAP, he decided to build a new therapy alternative - iNAP® Sleep Therapy technology, treated the problem differently and without a mask, which is clinically proven to be a comfortable and discreet way to treat OSA.

Since then, Somnics has been improving the efficacy of the iNAP® therapy. Now iNAP® has been prescribed in countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, and available under a limited launch right in the US.

Recently, Somnics leverages its knowledge, experience and QMS in developing and manufacturing iNAP®, as the V&V domain of medical device, been capable of developing innovative medical device solutions in accordance with its CDMO clients’ orders.

Soteria Biotech Co., Ltd.

Soteria OPZ (One Point Zero)
It is an intelligent solution which can output an analytical report through CT/CBCT images. By providing respiratory pressure and velocity of the upper airway, the solution can assist doctors to evaluate whether a patient is diagnosed with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)
It is a medical device and currently cleard Taiwan FDA and obtained CE mark.
It is used for
1. Upper Airway Evaluation(For OSA Quick screen)
2. Customized Oral Appliance Evaluation
3. Upper airway evaluation for MMA Surgery
4. Children OSA (Dental)
5. Health check

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Including AI wearable blood glucose variability devices and systems, AI prosthetic arms, AI fall risk warning and notification system, AI smart hearing solutions (smart hearing aids), AI assistive devices and systems for the visually impaired, AI smart drug identification system, AI Rehabilitation 3D torso assessment system, AI eye tracking system and other works were exhibited.

Sport Medicine Association