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The MobioSense™ COVID-19 Isothermal Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit is a real-time isothermal nucleic acid amplification assay intended for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in upper and lower respiratory specimens (ex. oropharyngeal swabs) from suspected individuals.
This kit is designed to target the ORF1a gene and provide a rapid (

Mobisnet Technology Co., Ltd.

Long-Term Care System
Clinic System
Medical AI Robot Solutions


Molsentech owns advanced semiconductor biochip, biological signal reading, high-throughput data analysis and other cross-field integration technologies, to develops non-invasive biochips that can be detected in real time, and provides emerging products with high sensitivity in the global detection market.The company was established in 2014. The core team comes from the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica. It is the first team to invest in biological nano-component research in Taiwan, with more than 20 years of research and development experience. Molsentech adheres to the concept of innovation and integration, links the industry chain, and creates a semiconductor biochip industry ecosystem, deploys smart medical care, and will implement precision medicine in the future to become everyone's health guardian.


Merck has a strong history of success in translating cutting-edge research into life-saving medical breakthroughs. Our scientific advances have made a difference in the lives of millions of patients worldwide. From Merck’s development of the first measles and mumps vaccines to treatments for cancer and diabetes, we are an industry leader in bringing forth innovative new medicines. In 2020 Merck had sales of more than $48 billion and we operate in more than 140 countries.

Muen Biomedical and Optoelectronic Technologies Inc

Medical AI Aggregator(MAIA)
MAIA is an Auto-Deep Learning (Auto DL) software.

Operators can simply input hundreds and thousands of images and labels into MAIA, after automatic training process, MAIA will then output your specialized prediction model. Our Auto DL technology is based on transfer learning and hyper-parameter tuning technology.

Dream to complete an AI project in a few clicks? MAIA is your partner to build up AI prediction models and that coding skills are not required.

MycoMagic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



With 30 years melt-blown manufacturing experiences, Mytrex has excellent melt-blown technology and high stability process capabilities using the utmost raw material and a complete set of inspection equipment and produces various types of filter media (air, water). With the outbreak of coronavirus, the public has paid more attention to and relied on high-end medical masks. Mytrex is currently not just dedicated to assisting the government in deploying epidemic prevention tasks, but to develop "facial purifier" - medical masks made of highly breathable HEPA filter for adults and children.