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Taiwan Biophotonic Corporation

oCare Pro 100

Taiwan Blood Services Foundation

In 2001, the Executive Yuan approved the National Blood for National Health Policy to promote the use of blood from blood donation and blood preparation by commissioned manufacturers. The goal is to be self-sufficient and provide the nationals with safe blood preparation for medical use in order to ensure the health of the nationals. According to the National Blood for National Health Policy, the “national blood” is defined as the blood from blood donation by the nationals and the blood preparation thereof. To improve safety and quality of blood preparation and ensure its stable supply, the Plasma Derivatives Act was formulated to authorize the central competent authority to develop the Blood Preparation Development Program to promote relevant development measures to ensure stable supply of blood preparation in the country.
To be in line with the national policy, TBSF screened plasma raw materials that were voluntarily donated from eligible nationals. After the raw materials passed virus mark test and highly sensitive nucleic acid amplification testing (NAT), they were entrusted to the Australian-based PIC/S GMP CSL Behring plasma factory, which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare for manufacturing four products: ““TBSF” (20%) Human Albumin Solution, “TBSF” Human Immunoglobulin for Intravenous Use, “TBSF” High Purity Factor VIII / Von Willebrand Factor Concentrate, and“TBSF” High Purity Factor IX Concentrate.
From national plasma raw materials to final “TBSF” blood products, the whole process is checked by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia and the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare (TFDA) to ensure the quality and safety, from plasma raw materials screening to final blood preparation, is in line with international standards so that the rights and interests of domestic patients are ensured.

Taiwan Bonnie Co., Ltd.

Farabloc Rehabilitation Series
Protection for post-operative care, sports injuries, muscle injuries, and chronic injuries.
A comfortable body and mind in life is a kind of happiness...
Originating from providing relief from the discomfort experienced after amputation...
The Farabloc series covers the whole body: knee covers, waist belts, blankets, neck wraps, hats, arm guards, vests, leg guard, elbow guard, wrist-palm guards, gloves, nose covers and amputation protectors etc.



Taiwan CVAI Consortium

With the assistance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Professor Wang Tzung-Dau of National Taiwan University Hospital and eight major medical centers, National Taiwan University, and National United University jointly established the Taiwan CVAI Consortium to promote the development of imaging physiological databases and artificial intelligence tools for the development of cardiovascular diseases. Through the establishment of massive cardiovascular imaging databases and annotations, a variety of cardiovascular imaging AI applications have been developed. There are many AI highlights in the four areas of automatic blood vessel segmentation(TaiCAD-Net), calcification score calculation ( HeaortaNet ), coronary artery function AI model (nuclear medicine/FFR/RFR), and automatic diagnosis of human whole blood vessel stenosis (pelvic cavity. etc).

Taiwan Deer Antler Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Modern people consume probiotics in the intestinal tract due to factors such as dietary habits, drug use, stress, etc. Therefore, proactive supplementation of probiotics is the best solution for maintaining vitality and maintaining digestive tract function. Kefir lactic acid bacteria are selected from the traditional fermented milk in the well-known longevity village-Caucasus mountain area. After high-tech biological fermentation, they are made into cultured good bacteria. It not only contains active lactic acid bacteria, but also has lactic acid, organic acid and small Rich in nutrients such as molecular protein, adding deer antler powder to help improve immunity.

Taiwan Dietitian Association

1.Identification of qualified dietitians
2.Community dietitian: interactive demonstration and lecture.
3.Long-term care dietitian: demonstration of modifying food and blenderized tube feeding recipe
4.Clinical dietitian:interactive nutritional assessment with muscle strength and Zenbo the Robot.
5.Women and children dietitian: Q&A on different life stage nutrition knowledge using QR code.
6.School dietitian: interactive lecture on body measurement and information on food portion and calories consumed per day.

Taiwan Direct Biotechnology Corp.


Taiwan Fanruan Co., Limited

FineReport integrates a variety of database and data types agilely, through simple design, produces all kinds of complex reports, and visually displays them in various types of devices such as mobile/pc/large screens.