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V5 Technologies co., Ltd

1. Pulmonary Nodules CT Detection
2. Dental medical Image AI assistant system
3. Face recognition system applied to surgical safety in operating room

Varian Medical Systems Taiwan Co., Ltd.

With the mission of creating a world without fear of cancer, Varian Medical Systems has been taking oncology research by storm for the past 70 years. Varian is the leading provider of medical equipment and software for cancer treatment. Although Varian is most well‐known for our innovations in radiotherapy, Varian’s portfolio is expansive ‐ radiosurgery, proton therapy, data analysis, and image management, to name a few areas ‐ in order to provide a comprehensive treatment experience.

Looking to the future, Varian’s mission is continuing to develop innovative technology while driving down the costs for patients. Early diagnosis, efficient treatment plans, and accessible care are top priorities. In the coming years, Varian will work with hospitals, universities, and research facilities in Taiwan to ensure that patients have access to the most advanced care. As Varian continues to expand locally and globally, a world without fear of cancer seems closer than ever.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. National/ International Hospital Cooperation
2. National/ International business partners

Veterans Affairs Council,R.O.C.

Pyramid Three-Layer Medical and Caring Plan

Vigorous Health Life ltd


VITAE Biomedical Co. Ltd.

Molecular Biomarker Antibodies Detection Technology for Lung Cancer
Recently, lung cancer can only be screened by medical image technology such as X-ray and CT (LDCT), and confirmed by the biopsy. The screening module developed by VITAE biomedical Co., Ltd. is the only lung cancer test method that can be detected by biomolecular markers and is suitable for early lung cancer screening, greatly improving the survival rate of lung cancer patients. And the use of urine as the specimen is not only non-invasive, but also eliminates the radiation exposure problem.

viWave ULife Co., LTD.

A. Rossmax Health Station
Combining professional medical measurement devices (blood pressure, blood pulse oximeter, blood glucose, thermometer and body fat monitor), the 5-in-1 industrial-grade Kiosk integrates IoT and cloud communication technologies to allow the health measurement data from various health service fields transmitted to cloud services and applied for all kinds of healthcare services.
B. Autonomous Temperature System
The Autonomous Temperature System launched by viWave ULife helps schools, enterprises, hospitals, government agencies, restaurants, hotels, banquet centers, examination rooms, etc., save all the annoying processes of epidemic prevention and control. Through the integrated and complete design, personnel can independently complete the "personal identification", “autonomous symptom report", and "body temperature measurement" actions at the entrance and exit of the epidemic prevention control locations - ensuring FAST, ACCURACY and SAFETY.

WANHE Biological Technology Co., Ltd.


Wau Yuan Property Appraisal Co., Ltd.

About Us
We are a group of professionals with substantial experience in providing fair value solutions to our customers worldwide. Since being established in 1999, we have gained the respect of hundreds of clients in Taiwan and around the world by holding firmly to our corporate philosophy – professionalism, service, and responsibility.

Wei Ho company

We decide to transfer our career from technology industry to agriculture is retrieve our initial ideas to produce local organic red sage ginseng and no longer fear of unknown products or heavy mental, or even the harm of sulfur dioxide. Only the safety food sources, people shall not to worry about getting sick from food and food can be a real non-toxic products.

Well Lands Enterprise Co., LTD.

Well Lands Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional ergonomic products developing and manufacturing company. We dedicated in utilizing various kinds of polymer, for instance, Polyurethane(PU), Silicone, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), etc., through a variety of different process to develop good articles for people\\\\\\\'s variety of different occasions to make them feel more comfortable, efficient, healthy and happier. We focus on three main areas.
1. The Medical care and Comfort products are made from PU gel, TPE and silicone materials that assist the elderly, other patients and handicapped people. We also make seat and back cushions, facial pads, decubitus pads, wedges, and we make different contour products for hospitals and surgery room.
2. All kinds of foot-aid products, that helps people well comfortable, relieve pain when suffering discomfortable on foot.
3. All ergonomic products for lifes, games and works. which means the products for exercise, sports, office and daily life.