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Top ten features of electric bed
1. Vibration massage in three modes.
2. Lying flat on the left or right side to sleep just like sleeping on a normal mattress
3. Large V-shaped stretching can soothe the spine and muscles
4. Raising the head can help soothe stomach Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
5. lifting feet a bit higher can soothe varicose veins and edema
6. It is easy to do in various postures such as sleeping on your back , sleeping on your front, pulling or stretching
7. Stretching the left and right muscles can help soothe the muscles and bones
8. User-friendly remote control with memory function
9. 304 stainless steel structure and intimate anti-clip design
10. Fitting into any space. It can be placed wherever there is power supply.

We provide top-quality smart electric massage mattress for all ages.

Taiwan Society of Plastic Surgery

Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association

TSMA 2021 is an annual membership directory for trade buyers worldwide. If you are looking for reliable Taiwanese suppliers, please check out the online version


Taiwan Union of Nurses Association (TUNA)

Taiwan Union of Nurses Association:
Nurses are essential in leading the development of healthcare intelligence, with the clinical staff and innovative medical techniques, which enhance job performance and effectiveness, and improve quality of care.

1.We invite healthcare technology companies to participate in the exhibition, our products aimed at improving care quality and creating humanized nursing practice environment by providing products and services that encompass patient safety, workplace safety, medical management, physical measurement and monitoring, and intelligent operating system of clinical care.

2.We would like to invite CEOs and nurse managers of healthcare organizations to visit the exhibition booth. Through products demonstration and interaction with professionals. Through products introduction and demonstration, you will share valuable knowledge of our innovative products on clinical nursing with participants. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to learn more about profound insighs and experiences in healthcare intelligent integration. There information can serve as a reference for intelligent development among healthcare organizations and improvement in decision making in practical environment. Ultimately, the goal of lean management in healthcare and promotion of holistic care can be reached.

Taiwanese Dermatological Association/Taiwan Society for Dermatological and Aesthetic Surgery

Demonstrate the specturm of speciality of dermatology and dermatological and asethetic surgery.

Taiwanese Dermatological Society

Demonstrate the diversity and speciality of dermatology, dermatological surgery and skin care.
1. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of skin disease.
2. Dermatological surgery and reconstruction.
3. Aesthetic treatment, energy-based device treatment, aesthetic surgery, skin examination.
4. Skin condition-based cosmetics suggestion.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Advocate the speciality of dermatologist in aesthetic surgery and procedures, dermatological surgery, skin care and skin disease management.
2. Advocate the correct concepts of skin caring.


「Three times roasted bamboo salt」 is a natural sun-baked salt that has been repeatedly roasted three times under high temperature. It completely absorbs the minerals in the bamboo and integrates the five elements “gold (iron stove), water (sea salt), and wood (Makino bamboo) , Fire (firewood), soil (charcoal ash) “, and activate the antioxidant capacity of sea salt, so that the weakly acidic sea salt has evolved into an alkaline healthy edible salt(PH 10+) rich in natural trace elements and minerals.


Conventional power meters are expensive, cumbersome and complicated. AROFLY is the size of a bottle cap and is easy to install. It is a smart power meter, weighing only 10 gram. AROFLY is the perfect partner and complements the biker’s need for scientific training.
AROFLY LINK will meet the requirements of different cyclists. AROFLY LINK is compatible with most of the bike computers available in the market. It is easy to use through simple installation, pairing, and basic setup.

Technology Innovation Biomedical Consultant Co., Ltd.

We are committed to fostering the domestic biomedical industry, making it grow and in line with international standards. Including but not limited to company establishment, product research, development, patent layout, clinical trial application and management, capital injection, patent licensing, obtaining the approval of licenses for drugs and medical devices, IPO counseling, mergers and acquisitions, and tax consulting which are all of our professional services.

Telefield Medical Imaging Limited

Telefield Medical Imaging Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2012. It is an innovative company focusing on 3D ultrasound imaging equipment research, development, manufacture, and distribution.
The company has developed and marketed a medical device called Scolioscan®, a high-quality and unique professional medical imaging device used for scoliosis assessment. Unlike traditional X-Ray equipment, it features an advanced 3D ultrasound imaging technology which is radiation-free. Scolioscan® is the first and the only such device for scoliosis assessment in the world, and can provide a reliable scoliosis screening, frequent progression monitoring, timely assessment of treatment outcome, and optimization of non-surgical treatment on a highly safe and accurate basis. Since 2013, Scolioscan® has been clinically tested and using in different hospitals/clinics in Europe, Australia, China and Hong Kong.
The company has obtained CE Certificate (for European market) and Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Certificate (for Australian market) for Scolioscan®, plus innovation and design awards from different international organizations over the past years. Besides, the company has owned over 20 patents in multiple countries. Telefield Medical Imaging Limited aims to provide accurate, radiation-free and affordable imaging tool for scoliosis patients all over the world, and to develop its technology and business based on this goal.