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Energy Resources International Co. HsinChu Branch

Energy Resources International Co., Ltd (ERI) is a technology pioneer in X-ray radiography field. ERI chose to enter the medical equipment industry and has since been dedicated to delving into the properties and application of Carbon Nanotube material. Through years of experiments, ERI has successfully developed CNT-driven Cold Cathode X-ray emission source. With this technology breakthrough, ERI has moved to rollout the cutting edge battery-powered handheld X-ray devices to revolutionize the dental industry, this dental device is certified by TFDA in early 2021 . ERI is now going on the path in developing portable X-ray systems for extremities and chest screening purpose, CVXair is expected to be launched on Q1 2022.


The RETINA is a stereotactic surgery navigation system for Neurosurgery, Craniofacial, E.N.T., Plastic Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and other types of minimally invasive surgical applications.

The RETINA combines intelligent medical technologies and services which can integrate digital medical imaging for better surgical accuracy. It is compatible with many instruments already used in the OR, which have become a perfect complement while working during surgery. The RETINA also reduces unnecessary tissue injuries, to aid in minimally invasive surgeries, improve surgical quality, and reduce the risk of surgical complications, which provide overall better medical service for patients.

EPROB Robotic Arm + AI is an advanced surgical system that performs robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The robotic arm is controlled through precise coordinates and parameters processed through a navigation system where surgeons have full manageability of the instruments required in various types of brain surgeries.

EPROB Robotic Arm + AI is an innovation in which the surgeon, guided by its experience, performs minimally invasive procedures better and faster by reducing human-related errors which could cause complications. The system delivers highly magnified and 3D high-definition views of the surgical area, allowing surgeons to guide instruments through a single small incision during surgery.


EPROB Robotic Arm , the newest member of the EPED Inc. family, has been in production for about a decade and now, it is making its way into the international market.
EPROB Robotic Arm is an advanced surgical system that performs robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The robotic arm is controlled through precise coordinates and parameters settled through a navigation system from where the surgeon has full manageability of the instruments required in different sort of brain surgeries.


1. Automated Production Line Design Process
Example: Disinfection of Automatic Mobile Vehicle
2. Planning for Equipment Dismantle & Restore Process
*ULTRA HIGH-SPEED DELTA ROBOT -- Y Series &Medical & Pharmaceutical Robots
*EVAPOR (the liquid concentration equipment)
5. NISSHIN Engineering INC
*FEDCON-μ(the powder feeder)

EverBio Technology Inc.

EverBio Technology specializes in the field of biomedical engineering, including cell and molecular biology, pathology, imaging and other clinical research utilizing the automation technology. We have developed a series of tissue microarray related instruments and pathological slice scanners. At present, it has obtained US patents, leading the same type of products in the world. Many medical centers have adopted the company's products in their cancer research. Innovating the process of medical research with advanced mechanical control, the instruments enhance the medical discovery with image exploration technology. We have invested many years in the research and development of computer-aided diagnosis system, in order to reduce the workload of medical staff and unnecessary waste of resources and medical disputes. The medical imaging computer-aided diagnosis system will lead the way.

The R&D team of EverBio Technology is mainly based on the collaboration with National Taiwan University Hospital to develop a medical image processing platform. In the past, pathological images and radiological images must be interpreted by professional physicians using years of accumulated clinical experience from cytology, histomorphology, and other features. However, accurate quantification work is quite time-consuming which can be coordinated with today's image segmentation technology and feature extraction technology, The feature classification technology allows us to perform fully automatic or semi-automatic image analysis with high-level algorithms based on the guidance of clinicians, providing physicians and clinical researchers with more objective analysis data. Image analysis software will play an extremely important role in the era of big data

Finex Co.,LTD.Taipei Branch

WILMO Electronic Nerve Stimulator


Fertility rapid test, drug of Abuse rapid test, pathogen detection rapid test, myocardial market rapid test, 2019-nCoV Ag/Ab rapid test

Formosa Plastics Group Administration_Medical Development Center

1. By preventive medicine as the core concept, to provide personalized health, beauty and anti-aging services.
2. From development to application, covering LOHAS, social welfare and medical support industrial development of the Preventive Medicine Industry Chain.
3. To promote preventive medicine, so that health by eight majors oriented, so that LOHAS become a national cultural movement
4. Six exhibition themes: epidemic prevention, homecare and health care management, occupational health, senior LOHAS, community resident health care, Industry-University Collaboration research and development.
5. Preventive medicine for complete holistic health care from infants to the elderly.


Taiwan Fu Jun Biomedical Co., Ltd is a high-tech medical device manufacturer. We have Taiwan GMP qualified plant and manufacture LLLT(low level laser therapy) medical device. Hope we can help patients be free from suffering and have a better life!