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The shows will display medical device compliance test solutions and medical device labelling software. A series of wearable devices AECG100 tester. The new offering is expected to bring DFS200 to defibrillator/ AED test solution and medical device labelling software.
WhaleTeq provides first-class test solutions, including test equipment and associated services for medical devices. We strive to assist their clients in launching their top-quality medical devices to the market in the most time at efficient way. Our specialty lies in physiologic monitoring systems testing, such as ECG, EEG, PPG, SpO2, respiration monitor testing.

Win-Li Precision technology Co., LTD.

Win-Li has developed the exclusive nanocomposites formula with contain many kind of essential trace elements of the human body . It provides an invisible microbiostatic coating on surfaces to fight against bad bacteria that want to enter the body to cause disease. Thus, it owns 99.99% effective killing of bacteria, germs, organic pollutants and viruses tested by RCEVI, SGS, SuperLab and was certified by the FDA-approved. Winz nanocomposites antibacterial formula can be applied in various antibacterial products, ex: mask, protective clothing, cleaning products.
Winz has already developed the antibacterial series products for mother and baby care.
1. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Spray
2. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Hand Sanitizer
3. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Zipper Bag
4. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Baby Hair & Bath 2in1 Mousse
5. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Baby Bottle&Dishwashing Mousse
6. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Hand Wash Mousse
7. QQBee Dr.AntiVirus Antibacterial Laundry Detergent


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Wistron Medical Technology

Human-centric smart healthcare with human-technology integration is the heartbeat of our solution, by continuously strengthening our core technology and carrying out the concept of altruism. We aim to become the strategic partner for medical technology companies, and deliver innovative medical solutions and services to improve people’s lives.

Wistron Medical Technology Corporation

Smart Healthcare Solutions, Smart Robotic Device and Training, Medical Device EMS



西玛集团始于25年前的俄罗斯莫斯科,当时的主营业务是人血清及抗原产品。而如今我们在海外设立多家子公司和分公司:2003年在白俄罗斯设立Xema Test 公司;2008年在乌克兰设立Xema分公司;2011年同时在芬兰和中国设立Xema Oy公司以及经销商伙伴公司科玛生物科技(北京)有限公司;2013年在马来西亚设立Xema Malaysia Sdn Bhd公司。我们的抗原抗体产品,试剂盒及整体服务解决方案的销售已遍及海内外并在2017年销售额超过七百万美元。

西玛集团拥有强大的工业化杂交瘤细胞收集整合,实验动物工作室,蛋白纯化以及试剂盒加工等多个组成部分,我们能够提供重要的免疫用试剂,如单抗和多抗(包括配对),纯化天然及重组抗原(人体,动物,食物)以及HRPO,生物素及荧光结合物。我们能够同时满足大规模的采购,容量可达两万试剂盒以上以及单月单品单抗在1克以上。同时至2003年以来,我们的试剂盒生产已获得ISO9001 和ISO13485认证。

在生化和免疫领域,我们的研发工作更是日新月异,发展迅速,已成为多家知名科技协会的会员(如ISOBM, ASCO, AACC, AOAC)


(2)食品及环境检测:主要检测食品成分及食品污染(如抗生素,真菌/毒素,食品惨假,尤其是穆斯林的产品检测-猪肉及猪血的成分检测,在食品/饮料/化妆品中的酒精检测);我们的食品过敏的抗体和试剂盒主要针对重要的食品过敏原,如坚果和鱼类;我们的家用过敏检测系列也包括简易操作的水质检测快检试纸(Aquascreen 5);

Yeschain Pharmacy

"During the global COVID19 pandemic, some medical specialty statistics shows the population with the three highs are under higher risks of COVID19 infection. Yeschain, as one of the “national face mask team”, has been playing an important role in epidemic prevention by mask distribution and all cov-19 relating education at the national level. To establish a more comprehensive and integrated health care system for the community, Yeschain already cooperated with Tunghai University to launch a mobile-pharmacy service vehicle. Tests of blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, lung oxygen, and hand-eye coordination can be carried out by the one-stop on-site inspection and health management consultation done by various medical professions such as Yeschain’s pharmacies, nutrients and nurses .

In 2019, Yeschain established the first intelligent pharmacy and introduced the ""smart test"" which was firstly integrated with information and communication technology into the health industry in Taiwan. The health care services are thereby provided to the public via new platforms such as the Internet of Things and Blockchain. 2020 is the first year of global awareness of epidemic prevention. Yeschain has been continuously leading the traditional drugstore market transforming into a new business system and providing customers with convenient and health care services. Yeschain has committed to providing the public with innovative health services and demonstrated as an industry leader."




Comprehensive Screening System for Sarcopenia *
“Comprehensive Screening System for Sarcopenia , CSSS”-Designed for Silver-haired, convenient, fast detection. (1. Amount of Muscles of Four Limbs; 2. Grip Strength ; 3. Walking Speed)
Fit Core EMS Muscle training * “FIT CORE” EMS Muscle Trainer - Strengthening muscle exercise effect, muscle strength Up!
Healthy food * “體立能”Physical high muscle protein beverage - supplement the comprehensive muscle nutrients required for adults to prevent muscle loss. Matching exercise, better results

Yomura Technologies Inc.

Medical OEM.
Clicky Cross.