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TelePlus Healthcare

1) Upenn Sleep Medicine Education for
Physicians & Chronic disease remote
monitoring and care platform
2) HST test kit

Ten Fan Intelligent Co., Ltd.

Ten-Fan Epidemic prevention table
V-Buster LED Light
E-Sun air cleaner

Ten-Chan General Hospital

Ten-Chen Medical Group (TCMG) was established in 1991. Regarding "Guarding your health, being your good neighbor" as our core value, now TCMG is the largest medical group in southern Taoyuan City.
TCMG includes Zhong-Li Metropolitan Hospital, Yang-Mei Local Community Teaching Hospital and Golden Age long-term care facilities(including three nursing homes, four day care centers, five Tier A – Community integrated service centers),which provide home visit medical services, home visit nursing services, home visit rehabilitation, home visit medicine prescription and home visit care services.
TCMG’s founder Yu-Mei Chang inspired from the White House advisor professor Jie Lee. She made the “egg theory of big health”, which focus on the medical service (egg yolk) and related businesses (egg white) such as long-term care and biomedical industry.
Although the spread of COVID-19 affected global medical industry, TCMG has seen the strong impact and trend of technology in health care business, we work with leading tech companies aiming to build big health business by developing AI technology, IoT facilities, big data, AR/VR and remote medical service.

TCMG provides 3H(Hospital、Hotel、Home) experiences to our patients by using hotel-like ward design, high-tech equipment, hospitality diagnosis service, digital transformation and high participation in community.


Class B C24
Thanks to the PID thermostatically control technology, the fastest sterilization cycle completes within 20 minutes.
TEV-17 (17 Liters )
With 2 water tanks, Build-in Steam generator and Touch Panel TEV-17 delivers performance of EU 13060 standard of class B

The Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus

The Center of Hearing and Speech "Medincus" is the largest network of highly specialized medical facilities in Eastern Europe, which for 19 years provides services for patients of all ages within the scope of oto-rhino-laryngology (ORL), audiology, phoniatrics, surdology and speech therapy, psychology, physiotherapy, balance disorders, hearing and speech rehabilitation, biomedical engineering.
The network of medical facilities Medincus (15 centers in Poland and 8 abroad) provides about 150,000 medical consultations annually, while the Clinic, the International Center for Hearing and Speech Medincus, realizes about 2,500 operations every year.
The Center specializes in hearing implantation, including cochlear implantation, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing, speech, voice and balance disorders, hearing prosthetics and hearing aid retail.


In recent years, the active participation of the technology industry in the medical and health care field has driven greater innovation and application capacity. The alliance looks forward to opportunities for cooperation and exchanges for cross-domain development. The member manufacturers of this alliance have been committed to contributing to the lighting industry for a long time, developing lighting products and caring about health vision.

Touchplus Information Corp.

Innovative capacitive pressure sensor technology and related patents, a new generation of professional intelligent foot pressure measuring equipment for making insoles. Use the elasticity of the sensor to directly read the deformation of the sensor caused by dynamic pressure while improving the stable contact with the sole of the foot, so as to obtain more stable and accurate data in line with the actual situation.

Trade Wind Biotech

At Twist Bioscience, we work in the service of customers who are changing the world for the better. Twist’s unique silicon-based DNA writing platform allows for the rapid development of NGS panels for viral detection and characterization of samples, and our Clonal Genes and Gene Fragments allow for quick development of subunit vaccines from one or more antigen-presenting viral genes or peptide sequence. For more information, please visit www.twistbioscience.com.


“TRANS” Laser Light Therapy Apparatus TI-816-12
“TRANS” Laser Light Irradiation Instrument TI-816-8
“TRANS” Laser Therapy Apparatus TI-816-4C1