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Galaxy Software Services

We are the leader in Taiwan’ s IT industry and the regional IT software and SaaS cloud service provider. The basis of our innovation and development are: providing long term commitment towards customers’ use case study, sophisticated software engineering, advanced collaboration, use of advanced mobile, IT and cloud technologies. Our innovative applications and tailored solutions has won the heart of over 2000 financial service firms, government organizations, hospitals, telecommunication providers and customers from other industries as well as over 10,000 individual cloud application users.


Right Time is a platform that makes you never have to wait in clinics and hospitals. By using Right Time APP or website, you can see the numbers on your smartphone screen, which is synchronized with the LED screen outside the outpatient department in real-time. You can even set pop-up notifications on your phone before your number has shown up, letting you always be RIGHT on time.

Right Time is also a clinic information integration platform. Users can quickly find nearby clinics and their provided services through Right Time, and can instantly find clinic information such as address, telephone, business hours…etc. from the Right Time APP or website, via Right Time, all you need to know is at your fingertips.

7 Main Features for users:
#1. You can check your number anytime, anywhere.
#2.Pop-up notifications/reminders in advance
#3.Searching nearby clinics by distance
#4. Lookup for clinic information, departments, and provided services
#5.Showing up numbers in real-time
#6. Basic information provided (e.g. address, route, telephone…etc.)
#7. Clinic announcement and status displayed instantly

5 Advantages for clinics and hospitals
#1. Reduce the workload of nurses
#2. Avoid infections
#3. Increase visibility
#4. Real-time information updates and exposure
#5. Customer loyalty/stickiness for clinics and hospitals
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Products Advertising - Promote your products on Right Time app or website
2. System Integration - Integrate your medical systems into Right Time, making it easier to use (e.g. Hospital Online Appointments System)


We will showcase our latest 3D image sensing technologies and applications, including products for fall detection, gesture control, and face recognition, along with ultrasonic wireless cardiac-output monitoring devices, and a medical-grade display, as intelligent solutions in the medical and healthcare fields.

Go Hot Technologies Co., Ltd.

3D printer UP600,UP300D, UP 300, X5, UP! BOX +, UP! Plus2, UP! Mini2
The application of 3D printing in the medical system can be used as medical aids, medical equipment design, surgery simulation, and medical teaching aid development.

Healthcare Systems Consortium

HSC itself is an experienced and professional medical process improvement team. By deploying mature industrial engineering and management technologies and concepts, the HSC offers “Lean Healthcare Management” solutions and consultant services to hospitals. So far, HSC has memorable experiences in industry-university cooperation projects, which effectively helps hospitals to achieve high-efficiency and lower the cost of medical services.
Currently, HSC is continuously recruiting more members. If you are interested in Taiwan\'s efficient and high-quality Healthcare industry, you are very welcome to join our membership.

HippoScreen Neurotech Corp.

The Stress EEG Assessment (SEA) system developed by HippoScreen Neurotech Corp. (HNC) includes an EEG amplifier for data collection and signal processing, a GUI for test process control, and an AI algorithm for data analysis. It records 90-second brainwave signals to analyze with AI algorithm, and then provides objective and quantifiable stress evaluation index and intuitive data distribution maps in the assessment report. With this report it can assist doctors to provide more efficient and accurate diagnosis. SEA system is designed to be a powerful AI tool for professional medical personnel in mental health screening.


The Robotic Endoscope Holder MTG-H100 is used in minimal invasive surgery to ensure stable scope views and help in improving surgery quality which is expected to play a role as a new feasible and value-added solution between conventional laparoscopic techniques and costly surgical robot surgeries.
The Robotic Gait Training System MRG-P100 is an automatic gait trainer that is space efficient and easy to operate. The unique nonsuspension system enables patients to receive weight-bearing training in a comfortable environment. The exoskeleton guides movement for gait re-education. It provides intensive trainings for patients to enhance their motivation and achieve optimal results.


Skin analysis system

HUANG LIANG Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

HUANG LIANG Biomedical Company specialize in commercializing your idea by CNC turning and milling technique.
Our main products are including:
- Bone screw and Bone plate for orthopedics
- Surgical Instrument such like drill, hex driver, Screwdriver handle, Screwdriver Blade and so on.
- Dental implant, Abutment, impression, Prosthetic Instrument
- Machining parts for equipments
- OEM/ODM serveice