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Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital

Central Taiwan Science Park

Under the leadership of the Central Science Park, biomedical manufacturers in the central region will be exhibited with minimally invasive medical materials, intelligent aids together. In this exhibition, the biomedical products are the main axis. The medical problem solutions will be presented in a situational manner. Also, the medical materials used in the medical device will be exhibited. This experience is enable Visitors quickly understand the characteristics of various types of medical material products by visual connections. The show will be benefit of the central medical material industry settlement.

Chain-Logic International Corp.

M2 Automation, Biofluidix, Motic, MPI Prober, NSW Dispenser.

Chang Gung Medical Foundation

The Chang Gung Medical Foundation was established in 1976 by the founder of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG).The Foundation has since established seven Chang Gung Memorial Hospitals in Taipei, Linkou, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Chiayi,Taoyuan. and Yunlin. The Foundation has also been entrusted by the government to operate Feng-Shan Hospital and Tucheng Hospital, as well as to assist in the operation of Dali Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung. With more than 32,800 patients treated daily and 10,000 beds, the hospital's management philosophy is "Benefit mankind withsincerity and diligence.".
Chang Gung Hospital has the ability to care for patients with acute and critical illnesses, and has a long history of quality improvement. As a multiple-time SNQ National Gold Award winner, Chang Gung Hospital is committed to maintaining and promoting the health of patients by continuing to innovate and improve quality to meet international standards.
The exhibition will be presented under the four main axes of "Specialty Medical Treatments, Smart Hospital, InnovativeR&D, and Public Welfare Glory", including cancer diagnosis, precise targeting treatment, quality of care, and the achievements and applications of medical innovation. The exhibition will showcase the soft power of medical care with a variety of themes, and will provide interactive and hands-on experience for the public to learn about the charm of technological treatment.

Chang Gung Medical Foundation's exhibit topics include:
Specialty Medical Treatments
1.Cell therapy: *Autologous dendritic cell therapy for liver cancer * Using stem cells to treat degenerative knee arthritis
2.Cutting-edge- Proton Therapy: Targeting Tumors Like a Deepwater Bomb to Reduce Radiation Side Effects
3.Thyroid Ablation, a multi-treatment modality for thyroid gland
4.Faecal microbiota transplant can help!Bacteria can help!
5.Invisible Chronic Environmental Pollution Killers - Heavy Metals and Environmental Hormones
6.Organ Transplantation: Saving the Liver and Lung,energetic new life.
7.A benchmark for lymphedema diagnosis, treatment, research and education
8.Precision image-guided surgery for trigeminal neuralgia.
9.Flexible Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy
10.ROSA robotic arm: a new tool for contemporary precision surgery
11.Da Vinci Surgical Systems: Transformer that fight all kinds of cancer

Smart Hospital
Smart panel technology application* Telemedicine

Innovative R&D
Selected eight innovative and clinically applicable patent achievements

Public Welfare Glory
Award-winning recognition of comprehensive medical and social care.

Chang Gung Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

CGM U-Dr Telemedicine system、Electronic smart whiteboard

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration

Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration (CAIC) assists Chang Gung Medical Foundation inventors to obtain patents for their technology, to increase the value of their research performance, and by promoting the patents to various industries, thereafter to license such technologies to industry, in order to commercialize products.



Chanson Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

CS-7720 Treadmill
BL1 Multiple Functional Resistance Trainer

CharSire Biotechnology Corp.

Charsire Biotech focus on developing innovative topical new drugs to address unmet needs in advanced brain and aging diseases.

Charsire has patented technology that controls human cellular inflammation and platelet derived growth factors. Our new drug BAC for Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia has completed the Phase II clinical validation of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), providing the best overall efficacy for dementia patients around the world. Phase III clinical trials are underway. In addition, we have completed the clinical validation of diabetic foot ulcers and cancer radiodermatitis, and obtained the approval of Taiwan’s Class II medical device.

CHENG HAO Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

AQUECARE was founded in September 2015, and was from the founder, Michelle's love for her children and family. Develop products to eliminate harmful bacteria in the environment that are not harmful to human body. From design to manufacture are all done in Taiwan, make sure to achieve the quality that you would use for your family, to have a higher quality of life through a safe, effective and convenient way.

AQUECARE T1 Plus cordless handheld antibacterial sprayer- The world’s first cordless antibacterial sprayer with multiple patents across the globe.
It from design to manufacture is all done in Taiwan, has passed all EMC, FCC, and CE test requirements .include the Safe charging technology include over-charge protection, Over-current protection, over-heat protection, and over-discharge protection.