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Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital

1. The da Vinci Surgery
2. Exploring a Happy Senior Life with the Age-Friendly Work Team
3. An AI-assisted Classifying System for Analyzing Medical Data
4. The Hospital Multipay Solution

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TE 5minutes Relief Patch
TE Smart Jewelry
TE Aqua Tune Water Bottle
TE Pet Clip


High quality blood glucose monitoring systems and consumables
well made in Taiwan with mass production quality reaching worldwide standards.
Blood glucose monitoring industry has entered red-sea competition. To avoid such competition, Tyson Bio is developing its next generation product which will provide 12% accuracy level, better than current international standards of 15%. In this way, Tyson Bio will have the chance to grab more market share in the industry, especially at the time when big international brands are moving slowly for such products.

Furthermore, Tyson Bio cooperates with MediFun Corporation, a Taiwan-based company producing patented lancing device to offer better finger prick experiences for users of blood glucose monitoring. This will highly encourage users to really take care of their glucose management, improve their health conditions and boost sales of the testing strips.

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology

The future application of Nostoc commune in solid state fluorescence can further increase its commercial value.