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Institute for Information Industry

The AI mammogram assistant achieves three accomplishments:
1. Boosting the performance of taking mammograms for assisting radiographers
2. Alerting high-risk mammograms using AI analysis technology
3. Detecting suspicious lesions during radiologists screening mammograms
The AI mammogram assistant improves the performances of mammography, mammogram screening, and risk alert of breast cancer. Furthermore, reducing the processing time of delivering reports from 2 months to 10 days improves the workload and effectiveness of medical inspection.

Integrated Plasma Inc.

Air purifier、Air cleaner

Inventec Appliances Corp.

Focusing on current medical and health management trends, IAC is moving forward to Telecare, smart healthcare, and precision medicine.

“Chiline” HomeCare System, a cloud-based healthcare management system, is combined with 3 medical devices and a management platform. It a total solution which can meet the need of telecare institute and individual who cares personal and family health.
Measurement devices includes:
1. Blood Pressure Monitor
2. Glucose/ Cholesterol/ Uric Acid Monitoring System
3. ECG Monitor

Smart healthcare
SmartMed Infusion System is combined with medical infusion pump, infusion sets and a net-based monitoring system. Is is for hospitals that utilizes AIoT technology and can improve infusion safety and efficiency.
1. SmartMed Infusion Pump: Delivery rate from 0.1 ml/h to 1,500 ml/h
2. SmartNet System: Software that can save all operations and show pump status and send alerts to nursing station and nursing cart.
3. SmartMed Infusion Sets

Precision medicine
“IronMag” Circulating Tumor Cells(CTC) detection system, a fully automated detection system which provides a fast and simple way for cancer early diagnosis.


IT4KAN has been present on the medical market for the last seven years. We are the producer of our own professional, state-of-the-art, modern medical systems as well as an integrator and distributor of a variety of software and medical devices from leading manufacturers. We have a number of IT products in our wide portfolio, amongst which are:

- The PACS System (a Picture Archiving and Communication System) – this is our own system intended for the management of medical imaging, Communication with diagnostic equipment and a repository of medical images. The system can be fully integrated with RIS and Hospital Information Systems.

- The RIS System (Radiology Information System) – this is our own system used for the management of circulating information in diagnostic imaging centers, which communicates with the P1 medical platform, servicing e-commissions. This system can also be integrated with hospital systems from other manufacturers.

- The Tele-radiologic System – IT4KAN’s own system used for the management of remote processes for the description of diagnostic imaging by radiologists outside the diagnostic center.

- The HIS System (Hospital Information System) – hospital and health care facility management system covering all processes and procedures in such units, including: movement of the sick, clinic and words service, hospital pharmacy and local ward chemists, rehabilitation, labour medicine, primary health care, e-prescription, e- patient, e-registration, etc. The system supports the so-called the white part, i.e. all of the above-mentioned medical procedures and the gray part, i.e. all administrative procedures, e.g. accounting, HR, payroll, warehouses, etc.

- The MedDream System – we are the sole distributor in Poland for the Lithuanian Softneta company who are producers of medical diagnostic imaging browsers.

-The PACS Paxera System - we are the representative of the American PAXERA HEALTH Company, manufacturers of the PACS system, with medical diagnostic imaging browsers.

- The iDose System – an IT4KAN system intended for the monitoring and reporting of the dose of ionising radiation received by the patient.

- The DeRIS System – an IT4KAN system tended for the management and support of the process of chronic wound treatment. The system is used in the process of healing larger burn areas as well as in the process of monitoring and treatment of the so-called ‘diabetic foot’

- The Kancelarit System – an IT4KAN system used for the management and circulation of cases in legal chambers and law firms. This system is facilitated amongst others by the local chamber of legal advisors in the city of Katowice.

The IT4KAN offer also includes medical devices. Among the most significant units you will find:

-The VAREX digital detectors – we are the sole distributor for Poland for the American VAREX company, who are one of the best manufacturers of digital x-ray detectors specially dedicated for the digitisation of analogue X-ray equipment. We are able to transform any analog X-ray equipment into a digital device, without the use of intermediary devices, the so-called CR, nor via celluloid or any chemical reagents Used for developing photographic images.

- The Varian tubes for diagnostic devices – Varian is a manufacturer of substitute tubes (lamps) for diagnostic devices which use ionising radiation, among these: x-ray devices, computer tomographs, mammographs, angiography scanners, C-arms, etc.

-The UVC MacWarren Medical lamps – we are a technological partner of a producer of decontamination and disinfection devices. We are the sole representative for Poland of the Polish-Canadian MacWarren company which is the producer of antibacterial UVC lights.

- The X-ray devices DMS and Apelem – we are the distributor for the French companies DMS and Apelem, manufacturers of digital and analog x-ray devices.

- The X-ray devices Prognosys – we are the distributor of the Indian Prognosys company, who produce digital and analog x-ray devices.

Our approach to cooperating with our clients is based on the model: learn about the client’s needs – design – realise. We pay special attention to learning the specifications and the needs of the institutions with whom we cooperate, in order to propose the most optimal solutions from the point of view of both needs as well as costs. We always make sure to guarantee real partnership in our cooperation with our customers.

As a result of over 20 years of experience in the medical industry, our key personnel are able to precisely define needs and realise even the most complex projects.

We have over 130 installations of our own IT systems. We have installed and realised over 350 IT system implementations and delivered hundreds of diagnostic devices and IT equipment to our customers. Our service department is capable of handling both IT systems as well as medical equipment and IT infrastructure. Currently, our service department takes care of over 250 physical and virtual servers.

J Ching health tech Co., Ltd.


Jag Technology

Based on the successful experience of developing Telemedicine care in the United States and Japan in the past, Jag technology launches Virtual Ward Platform for Telemedicine, by using cloud computing, IOT and other information technologies to help promoting group health prevent the spread of virus. Jag technology carry out Virtual Ward Platform for Telemedicine, prevent the epidemic by technology. The patients only have to self-measure their vital sign, symptoms and upload it to the platform, case manager allows to manage and take care patients’ health conditions through the platform and reduce the workload of medical staff for repeated testing.

Ko Da Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Ko Da Pharma.—Intellectualization of Tradition Chinese Medicine
1. Chinese Herbal Tracing Platform
2. High-tech Inspections and Chinese Medicine Researches
3. Intellectualized Chinese Medicine Pharmacy

KT Medical Inc.

KT Medical Inc. was established in 2018, and focus on medical grade Metal Wire and Bar/Medical Guidewire.
Multi-material source: Stainless steel/Nitinol/Pre-coated PTFE wire/Ti-Alloy
Drawing/Processing wire in house
ISO 9001 material source
ISO 13485 certification in product line
Total Solution Provider
Providing from OEM to final device
Leading guidewire manufacturer in Taiwan

LabWare Singapore Pte Ltd

LabWare LIMS Healthcare Solution