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Health care appliances

Liverage Biomedical Inc.

The fast pencil beam scanning (PBS) system of Proton Therapy has demonstrated its advance in dose delivery, and it is the trend. To cope with such high scanning speed characteristic, we present a novel detector system, “CROSS”, with fast measurements up to 20 kHz for its quality assurance (QA).  Such detector takes less than 1 minutes to measure characteristics of the scanning proton beam, which include beam position, spot size, scanning speed, exposure time, intensity , 2D dosage distribution and its energy. Beam energy measurement is made by placing a PMMA wedge on top of the detector to simulate water
thickness variation. Performance of this system is excellent both in measurements and in long term stability. The spatial resolution of 0.1 mm is achieved and the accuracy of scan speed measurement is better than 1 percent.  With the assistant of lock bar and its light weight, the whole system can be assembled for daily QA conveniently


Electromotive Food service cart
Multifunctional electric tug
Electric mobile lifter

Markstein Sichtec Medical Corporation

New Trachway Video Intubation Series

Mascot New Technology Co., Ltd.

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Beauty & Sanitation Application :
Spunlace for unique face mask fabric, Functional face mask, Facial clean wipe, Wet tissue, Dry mask sheets, Cotton towel, Facial towel.

Food Service /Clean wipe & Household Application :
Spunlace for Kitchen wipes, Magic mop, Duster mop, Mitten wipes, Static wipe, Glasses wipe, Flooring wipe, Factory Wipe, Sewing Wipe, Ag+ Silver ion static flooring wipe, Disposable cleaning wipe, Household surface wipe, T shape finger scrub magic wipe.

Medical Application :
Spunlace for Surgical Gowns, Mask, Cap, Bedsheet, Surgical towel, Poultice, Blood absorbent sheet, Bamboo carbonate mouth mask, Ag+ Silver ion medical face mask, Inner mask.

Industrial Application :
Spunlace for Filtration, Dehumidifier filter, PU/PVC coating substrate, Lint-free cleanroom wiper, Fire-retardant fabric, Bamboo carbonate fabric, Honeycomb curtain, Wall Paper.

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Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.

horus SCOPE digital imaging artificial intelligence (AI) device simplifies the diagnosis process with advantages:
1) To enhance preventive healthcare through the easier screening process.
2) To liberate eye diagnosis from the limitation of ophthalmologist, since it can be performed by general physician as well.
3) To maximize the efficiency of medical resources by providing diagnose assistance to doctors.
4) To minimize DR-caused blind if the symptoms can be spotted in early stage.

MEPLA Japan Co., Ltd.

Business development service for the companies and hospitals in medical / healthcare industry, especially for digital transformation and global businesses. MEPLA has the strong network in ASEAN countries. MEPLA is becoming the "MEdical PLAtform"​ to make the healthcare innovation to bring great care to all people in the world.

Metal Industries Research & Development Centre



Microsoft provides the leading technologies to empower smart healthcare development. In the exhibition, Microsoft will demonstrate the latest smart healthcare applications with cloud, mixed reality, AI and IoT technologies and reveal the future of hospital, precision medicine, and medical research.