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Cypress technology

MED-VPR-6110 is high-definition medical video recorder designed for quick set up and ease of use, it includes a robust list of features and capabilities.
With auto sensing video connections and automatic video resolution detection, set up is quick and easy. The control panel allows users to intuitively record videos and photos in crystal clear HD.
A built in hard drive is included for reliable recording, data back-up and users can also simultaneously record real-time image data to USB memory and USB hard drive to archive, share and play back on other devices and locations.
MED-VPR-6110 is also Network capable, and with an optional upgrade, it offers optional DICOM integration.

CytoAurora Biotechnologies, Inc

Cell Reveal is a rare cell capture and analysis system. A new single cell capture, isolation and analysis technology that utilizes a fully automated operating platform to standardize the detection process, and through AI tech, quickly and effectively identify the target cell. It can provide the non-invasive cancer detection.

D and N Research Co.,Ltd.

D and N Research Co., LTD.
Keywords: Restorative dental material, Innovative dental material, Chlorine Tooth Protection Gel, Tooth Desensitizing Gel
D and N Research is a Thailand start-up company using multidisciplinary sciences to invent dental products for better oral health. We do create both basic and innovative dental materials with our know-how : All-Zeal (dental pits and fissure sealant), Embaze (Resin modified glass ionomer) ,Bai Kapow swimming care (Innovative swimming/oral care product to prevent and lessen the tooth sensitivity and tooth erosion from acidic chlorine in the swimming pool), and the CPA Desensitizer (Innovative tooth conditioning product for reducing sensitivity of teeth). Both All-Zeal and Embaze have been registered as Thailand Innovation Product by Bureau of the Budget, Thailand in 2019.


Intelligent electric bed

Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

dc Microparticle PM2.5 Mask
dc Smog Stopper Mask for Window
dc Dustmite Out- Pillow Protector

Darwin Precisions Corporation

(i) Antibacterial Electrical Curtain; (ii) Medical E-Paper Information Board; (iii) Medical Magnetic-less Display

Dasen System Co., Ltd.

DASEN SYSTEM is based on our main products which are Planetary reducer and stepping motor. We have accumulated a huge of experience in the field of positioning control system and transmission system for many years. We pursue higher level technology by testing and verifying new possibility again and again, we hope that we can offer you the best service in our professional field.

DASEN tries to combine well industry relation with rich inexperience. We expect to manufacture some products which meet your need in function, use and cost. We deeply believe the best product is created by a company with the innovative ability of research and development, professional production line, technical assistance, and complete after-sales service.

Therefore has completed \"MD series Hollow rotary table\", \"RD series Rotary Drive”, “Precision linear actuators\", \"Right angle reducer\", \"Planetary reducer\" etc.

And each product both through the instruments and equipment to do complete as such as durability, long life, products do full checking of processes at the same time. To Hollow rotary actuators as an example, it through Germany to create \"HEIDENHAIN\" angle analyzer, test their gear back-gap and repeated tolerance under our strict requirements, repeated positioning accuracy of ±5 arc/sec super high precision performance. This accuracy even beyond imported products.

Delta Electronics, Inc

Dagene G1 Automated Nucleic Acid Analysis System, comprising an automated nucleic acid analyzer and a patented compatible cassette, provides a one stop processing from “nucleic acid extraction” through real-time PCR to “analysis report generation”. Our automated system is equipped with interactive UI guidance, which is easy to use and adapt. General medical staff can learn to operate our system with a minimal training. Dagene G1 Automated Nucleic Acid Analysis System can achieve the ultimately goal of effective disease prevention and control worldwide.

Dentway Co.Ltd

Dentway international dental group is a complete vertical and horizontal oral medical system, including dental hospital, dental clinics, dental laboratory, dental business, medical management, digital medical imaging integration and education center.
First Dentway Dental clinic was established in 1989. There are nearly 40 clinics in Taiwan (the northern, central, southern, eastern, remote islands ) and overseas areas including China, Japan, Malaysia, and the United States and. Provide high-quality and professional dental services in the spirit of "service at home and abroad".
In 2021, the first dental hospital in Taiwan is established. It has the most complete dental specialty group in Taiwan, with the most advanced dental equipment and the best dental care for patients. There are five centers in the hospital: Dental Implant Center, Orthodontics Center, Maxillofacial Center, Precision Breath Abort Treatment Center, and Beauty Dentistry Center. Integrate 10 specialties of dentistry (Family Dentistry, Pediatric dentistry, Dental Reconstruction, Prosthetics, Endodontics, Periodontology, Orthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Pathology, and Oral Medicine for Special Needs) to provide personalization precision dental services, and its mission is to become a leader in dental care.