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National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), Department of Medical Imaging

“Chest X-ray Supportive Detection System” in AILabs, the first TFDA approved AI-based X ray supportive detection system for COVID-19

Dr. Cheng in National Taiwan University Hospital has developed an AI based “Chest X-ray Supportive Detection System” with Taiwan AILAbs. This AI system can automatically detect the suspected area of COVID -19 infection in chest X-ray (CXR), reveal it by heatmap, and actively warn the medical staff about the suspicious cases. The accuracy of this model is up to 91.78%. It can be used, alongside PCR testing and rapid antigen tests, as a fast diagnostic tool to detect COVID-19. The TFDA had gave approval for commercialization of the AI system on a special basis (TFDA/EUA). The strength of the model is summarized in the following:

• Approved by TFDA/EUA in Taiwan, CE in Europe
• The accuracy is up to 91.78%
• Used in patients with lower respiratory tract symptoms as a fast detection tool
• Integrated with the PACS(Picture Archiving and Communication System) in most hospitals

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), Center of Intelligent Healthcare (CIH)

NTUH is partner with Microsoft and has launched wearable devices like HoloLens App for assisting healthcare monitoring and services. For instance, in emergency rooms and intensive care units, or for COVID-19 quarantine room, the zero-contact diagnosis and treatment method not only greatly reduces the risk of medical and nursing infections, but also improves the shortage of first-line medical staff under the epidemic. Other practical examples include medical data access, immediate monitoring as well as the medical operations with some constraints.

In addition, due to the spread of COVID-19 and the infection and death of people who are prematurely ill from 2019 to 2021, the Center of Intelligent Healthcare (CIH) of our hospital has completed the development and is currently entering the test phase of the Intelligent Medical Imaging Assistance System for potential SARS-CoV-2 infection. Our technology of analysis reports such as predicting the severity of the patient and the outcome and prognostic analysis of the disease, so as to provide the valuable reference for the clinical decisions in the hospitals.

National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch

Less contact but much closer care ---- QOCA telemedicine

National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch cooperates with Quanta Computer in developing a platform of telehealth service. Designed with the concept of “less contact but much closer care”, this platform combines the advantages of medical big data and new communication technology to monitor the physical and mental health of COVID-19 patients remotely by tablet and Internet of Things (IoT) during the stay in hospital and at home. By monitoring patients’ body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, electrocardiography, phonocardiography, breath sounds, with the combination of self-reporting questionnaire by 5-item Brief Symptom Rating Scale (BSRS-5) to reflect mental status, the medical team can easily recognize the latest condition of patients. By using videoconferencing platform, patients can receive real-time rehabilitations, psychological counseling, and other interdisciplinary cares, whenever in quarantine, during hospitalization, or even after discharge. This platform delivers not only digital data, but also the sincerity, professionalism, and love from the medical team.


With the innovative research power of the university, NTUST will join the Healthcare EXPO TAIWAN,2021 to showcase the latest research highlights in healthcare and expand into the international medical industry. For more information, please visit booth no. M820 on 4F of Nangang Exhibtion Hall 1.

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

This year's topic includes technical COVID-19 prevention, cloud healthcare and simulated hospital rooms.

(1) Technological COVID- 19 prevention: face identification despite mask, low oxygen levels platform, body temperature platform
(2) Cloud healthcare- medical information system, automatic machine learning
(3) Simulated hospital rooms- ForeAider Z, falling down detection system by GIS, technological Stethoscope, GPS, handheld ultrasound

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Hospital

1.Taiwan's elderly population is expected to exceed 20% by 2025. As the population ages and the elderly population grows, the issue of sarcopenia is receiving more attention. Sarcopenia has been shown in previous studies to increase the mortality rate of the elderly by 2.34 times. The effective diagnosis and treatment of sarcopenia is a critical public health issue. The Comprehensive Screening System for Sarcopenia (CSSS) and nutritional supplements (Sarcopenia Intervention Regimen, SIR) developed in our hospital are expected to be the first complete solution model in Taiwan to accurately diagnose sarcopenia and provide effective intervention.
2.The digital dentistry is changing the world. The intra-oral scanner provides dentists with precise 3D images of teeth. Computer aided design (CAD) software digitally generates the restoration proposal. Computer aided manufacture (CAM) milling machine which mills and grinds a porcelain material to cut the unique crown.
The differences between same-day crowns and regular crowns is the time it takes to create the dental crown. The former is built within approximately three hours. The latter take days to a couple of weeks.
With digital dentistry, patients only have to come in once for the whole process.

Nebulum Technologies

Nebulum Technologies is a start-up company focusing on the development of 3D pathology imaging technologies, with the goal of providing more comprehensive and accurate information for drug development and disease diagnosis.
With integration of proprietary tissue clearing, labeling, light-sheet microscope, and data analysis technologies, we provide state-of-the-art 3D pathology CRO services for clients in academic and medical research.

Netown Corporation

*AI Physical Fitness Evaluation and Interactive Training System
First-in-market, this AI multi-function health enhancement system combines various physical fitness evaluations like upper and lower limbs muscle strength evaluation, balance assessment, and interactive motion sensing muscle training into single machine. Offer complete experience service form smart evaluation, AI analysis for personalized training plan to interactive training courses. This product is the best innovative health enhancement tools for post-COVID era.

*Smart Precise Exercise Device for Home
Innovative home fitness device combines measurement and exercise dual functions. Evaluate muscle strength firstly, then AI system suggests the most suitable personalized exercise target. With Virtual Trainer service to record real-time exercise performance and adjust training target automatically, exercise at home is not only just like having a professional trainer by side, but also totally safe. Features include grip strength and leg strength trainings with various courses and interactive games, and shareable workout data for personal coach or friends. This is the ideal home fitness device for post-COVID.


NIT was Established in 2016, and is the ONLY Nitinol manufacturing company in Taiwan.
NIT continues the Nitinol technology developed by Metal Industrial R&D Center, under the guidance of Dr. Wang, the co-innovator of Nitinol.
Nitinol Shape Memory alloy supplied by NIT meets the highest standard desired and expected by our customers. This is based on NIT's years of experience in Nitinol manufacturing technology and unique know-how in the fabrication of Nitinol adapted to specific applications.
NIT supply Nitinol fine wire and Nitinol components with high precision, high quality and good service. NIT also provide the services of the vacuum arc remelting, fine wire drawing, tube laser cutting, shape setting, and the testing of XRF, DSC, SEM, Tensile stress and fatigue.
Quality Management System of NIT meets the requirements in ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015.

Nitinol Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Nitinol wire, tube and Nitinol components. Nitinol spange nail.