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Alchemedicine, Inc.

Alchemedicine is Japanese biotech company having original expatize for unique design of small molecule drugs. We are establishing diverse drug discovery pipeline fo several disease area and looking for licensing or collaborative partners for further development.

Alger Technology Co.,Ltd.

Qiao-Xin Patch (Nasogastric Tube Holder)

ALPS Biotech CO., LTD.

ALPS Biotech is a new drug research and development company dedicated to the study of natural products founded in 2017. ALPS focuses on the development of biochemical research, new drug and in vitro diagnostic device (IVD) development, and healthy products development, as well as a variety of professional biotechnology service, such as protein separation, purification and identification technology.
So far, ALPS has initiated the long-term project to develop cancer early screening, immunotherapy, and cooperates with natural products research to help cancer patients with early diagnosis, better treatment and good quality of life.

ALTC Air Long-Term Care Platform

"ALTC is an acronym for ""Air Long Term Care"", it is the largest long-term care institutions search platform in the nation. Nowadays, everything is searchable while you have a cell phone on hand with internet connecting. The concept of ALTC is the sharing economy in the Internet, with the same working model as Airbnb but in the long-term care field.
When you have disable and illness families at home, it is a rigid demand to have long-term care (LTC) institutions supporting. Given the researching result, 80% families in Taiwan who experienced for LTC searching only had a short period to act and make decision. However, most of them can not tell the difference of those LTC institutions, that in results of they don't find a suitable one for them.
To solve this problem, ALTC establishes an ""Smart Search Platform"". It is contained all LTC institutions introductions and availability with very simple usage. Every requester only needs to click ""desired area”, “age of occupancy”, “medical needs”, “care needs"", then ALTC will right away filter out the most suitable institutions for you. Furthermore, ALTC also provide nurse consulting services for every requester. Let searching a long-term care institution is just as easy as searching a hotel!
Through ALTC, it will not only give an accurate institutions recommendation for those families, but also help those LTC institutions to shorten the idle time of their long-term care beds effectively."


新世代影像檢查與歐美同步 攝護腺腫瘤一次揪出
Axumin PET 奧攝敏正子造影

Ann Tong Industrial Co., Ltd.



1.Medical Peripheral Components 2.Water-proof Connector
3.Precision Molds & Processing Parts 4.Wire Assembly
5.Precision Machine Design & Manufacturing
6.Wireless Communication

Applied BioCode

BioCode Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel
BioCode Respiratory Pathogen Panel
SARS-Cov-2 Assay
SARS-Cov-2 Assay with pooled samples
Covid Flu Plus 7-in-1 Panel
Fungal ASR
BioCode MDx3000 Automated Molecular Diagnostics System
Barcoded Magnetic Beads Multiplex Detection Technology