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National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Hospital

1.Taiwan's elderly population is expected to exceed 20% by 2025. As the population ages and the elderly population grows, the issue of sarcopenia is receiving more attention. Sarcopenia has been shown in previous studies to increase the mortality rate of the elderly by 2.34 times. The effective diagnosis and treatment of sarcopenia is a critical public health issue. The Comprehensive Screening System for Sarcopenia (CSSS) and nutritional supplements (Sarcopenia Intervention Regimen, SIR) developed in our hospital are expected to be the first complete solution model in Taiwan to accurately diagnose sarcopenia and provide effective intervention.
2.The digital dentistry is changing the world. The intra-oral scanner provides dentists with precise 3D images of teeth. Computer aided design (CAD) software digitally generates the restoration proposal. Computer aided manufacture (CAM) milling machine which mills and grinds a porcelain material to cut the unique crown.
The differences between same-day crowns and regular crowns is the time it takes to create the dental crown. The former is built within approximately three hours. The latter take days to a couple of weeks.
With digital dentistry, patients only have to come in once for the whole process.


NK cells can prevent the occurrence and development of tumor cells. However, due to cancer immunosuppression, the patient's immune system is suppressed and cannot prevent the development of the disease.
The production of clinical-grade activated and expanded NK cells is expected to delay the deterioration of the disease; inhibit tumor growth, prolong the survival rate of patients, and improve the quality of life.

NTUH Hsin-Chu Branch

Smart Technology in Fighting COVID-19



Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital

Show Chwan Health Care System

Showchwan health care system is the largest privately-owned hospital group in Taiwan. For 2021, Showchwan health care system will be connected with medical specialties. The Vision of this joint fund of BE Capital and Show Chwan Health Care System is making Taiwan becoming "The Gateway to Asia for HealthTech and MedTech".

Show Chwan Health Care System

Medtech StartHub
The themes of the exhibition including matching platform, startup lectures, startup team booths.
We provide this platform for the startup teams and investors more effectively obtain matching and resources, and assist startup teams, physicians, different hospital systems, venture capital funds, and international medical companies to interact and communicate.

Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital

1.Longitudinal Armed Forces Health Information System
2.E Clinical Scientists of Artificial Intelligence
3.Clinical Care Application of Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital‘s Line Official Account “E Pharmacist”

Taichung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Long-term care is a national established policy and major project for the elderly. The features of long-term care 2.0 project are to expand target populations, expand services, and take into consideration on the recovery and reablement of the disabled. Our exhibition is based on the plans and achievements of both the Ministry of Health and Welfare- "Integration of Health and Welfare Services " and the Board of Science and Technology of the Executive Yuan-“Sustainable Provision of High-Quality Medical Services" as the main contents of this exhibition, including research on preventive medicine for the elderly, plan and strategy of smart and precise long-term care in cooperation with the National Health Research Institute, and the effectiveness of the all-inclusive day care center.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital

The journey of e-health care in TCVGH