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Taiwanese Dermatological Society

Demonstrate the diversity and speciality of dermatology, dermatological surgery and skin care.
1. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of skin disease.
2. Dermatological surgery and reconstruction.
3. Aesthetic treatment, energy-based device treatment, aesthetic surgery, skin examination.
4. Skin condition-based cosmetics suggestion.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Advocate the speciality of dermatologist in aesthetic surgery and procedures, dermatological surgery, skin care and skin disease management.
2. Advocate the correct concepts of skin caring.

Ten-Chan General Hospital

Ten-Chen Medical Group (TCMG) was established in 1991. Regarding "Guarding your health, being your good neighbor" as our core value, now TCMG is the largest medical group in southern Taoyuan City.
TCMG includes Zhong-Li Metropolitan Hospital, Yang-Mei Local Community Teaching Hospital and Golden Age long-term care facilities(including three nursing homes, four day care centers, five Tier A – Community integrated service centers),which provide home visit medical services, home visit nursing services, home visit rehabilitation, home visit medicine prescription and home visit care services.
TCMG’s founder Yu-Mei Chang inspired from the White House advisor professor Jie Lee. She made the “egg theory of big health”, which focus on the medical service (egg yolk) and related businesses (egg white) such as long-term care and biomedical industry.
Although the spread of COVID-19 affected global medical industry, TCMG has seen the strong impact and trend of technology in health care business, we work with leading tech companies aiming to build big health business by developing AI technology, IoT facilities, big data, AR/VR and remote medical service.

TCMG provides 3H(Hospital、Hotel、Home) experiences to our patients by using hotel-like ward design, high-tech equipment, hospitality diagnosis service, digital transformation and high participation in community.

Tri-Service General Hospital

Innovative Medical technology

Tri-Service General Hosptial Penghu Branch


Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital

1. The da Vinci Surgery
2. Exploring a Happy Senior Life with the Age-Friendly Work Team
3. An AI-assisted Classifying System for Analyzing Medical Data
4. The Hospital Multipay Solution

Veterans Affairs Council,R.O.C.

Pyramid Three-Layer Medical and Caring Plan


Comprehensive Screening System for Sarcopenia *
“Comprehensive Screening System for Sarcopenia , CSSS”-Designed for Silver-haired, convenient, fast detection. (1. Amount of Muscles of Four Limbs; 2. Grip Strength ; 3. Walking Speed)
Fit Core EMS Muscle training * “FIT CORE” EMS Muscle Trainer - Strengthening muscle exercise effect, muscle strength Up!
Healthy food * “體立能”Physical high muscle protein beverage - supplement the comprehensive muscle nutrients required for adults to prevent muscle loss. Matching exercise, better results

Yuan Rung Medical Care System

5G smart glasses
AI-assisted diagnosis system