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FanRuan Software Co., Ltd.

FanRuan Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FanRuan), founded in 2006, is a professional big data BI and analytics platform vendor in China. Specializing in BI and data analysis, we are committed to providing one-stop BI solutions to businesses around the globe.
We are the front runner in terms of professional standards, organizational size, service scope and clients, and have been highly recognized by many professional consulting organizations including Gartner, IDC and CCID. We were selected as one of “Forbes Top 50 Potential Chinese Unlisted Companies” in 2018 and one of “Top 50 Chinese Big Data Enterprises" for three consecutive years in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Far Eas Tone Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

Using world-class 5G and new technologies, FET builds a "5G telemedicine platform" to provide mobile, zero-day telemedicine services.In this year, 5G telemedicine services spread across 12 counties and 33 districts. During the Covid-19 period, we have also assisted many hospitals to remote clinical services and smoothly carry out routine medical treatment.


Far East Biotech Co., Ltd. (FEBICO) is a professional microalgae biotechnology company with decades of professional experience in product development.

1.Private labeling for dietary Supplements
*ISO 22000 and HACCP-certified
*Chlorella/Spirulina supplied to more than 60 countries around the world for more than 40 years.
*Apogen® : An extract derived from an unique microalgae strain FEM-101, which contains active ingredients including allophycocyanin (APC), C-phycocyanin (CPC), spirulina growth factor, sulfated polysaccharides, peptides, nucleic acids, amino acids and trace elements.
2. Biomedical material:
FLOGEN®: Phycobiliproteins such as phycoerythrin and phycocyanin have been supplied to major flow reagent manufacturers all over the world.
3. New drug development:
Hepatitis B, cirrhosis and acute hepatitis, herpes virus
herpes virus
4. Regenerative Medicine:
Development of a cost-effective, high-performance, versatile and non-adaptable cell supplement across different cell types.

Fashion Intelligence Co., Ltd.


Fecula Biotech Co., Ltd.

Fecula Biotech Co., Ltd. is a microbiome research company located in southern Taiwan. Our missions include (1) to develop novel microbiome-based therapeutics aimed at the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. The development of our screening platforms helps to identify key gut microbiota and identify its metabolites to further match each treatment scheme for chemotherapy or immunotherapy. Our work on microbiota-related adjuvant/neo-adjuvant therapy is still in its preclinical phase; (2) to implement an evidence-based approach in our development of microbiome-based dietary supplements. The function of these supplements varies from improving glucose metabolism, which increases day-to-day energy, to boosting calcium that strengthens bones. Fecula Biotech uses Taiwan domestic agricultural and fishery by-products in an attempt to apply pioneering research that transfers agricultural recycling into biological nutritional benefits. The microbiota-related (probiotic) dietary supplements were launched earlier this year and market products all over the world. Creative innovation has allowed the company to grow our influence within the biotechnology industry alongside the increased global attention paid to the health implications of the gut microbiome.

Filmwin Medical Material Coating Corporation

Medical silicone dressing、Medical silicone patch、PCR sealing film、Silicone Kinesiology Tape、Silicone gel facial mask、Fluorosilicone paper、Fluorosilicone film

Finex Co., LTD. Taipei Branch

WILMO electrical stimulator is for rehabilitation of the people with hemiplegia due to stroke. It is wearable and lightweight, operable easily, and fitter to
your body.This medical device is developed and manufactured in Japan.

Focaltech Smart Sensors

Established in 2016, FocalTech smart sensors engaged in sensor chip development, algorithm and optical mechanic design. Started to develop optical biomedical sensor, applied to cuff-less blood pressure, and non-invasive blood sugar module which can be combine to wearable device from 2017. Devoted to health monitoring device which can be easily used in our daily life. Besides continuing Focaltech’s product development for smartphone or wearable device, also targeting precise medication and preventive medicine, extends its core technologies to biomedical area, not only develop innovative vital sensor devices for arrhythmia, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, but also construct platforms to analyze collected cloud data.

Fooyin University

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ZOLL Data Manager System (ZDMS) integrates ZOLL defibrillator in all units in the hospital. Whether in wards, ICUs, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and inspection centers, they can receive the daily discharge test records of the defibrillator. Any whwere Dr. & Nurse watch the defibrillator discharge test records, receive abnormal active notification messages, grasp the latest status of each defibrillator, and achieve paperless in the whole hospital.