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G&E Herbal Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

1.Botanical Healthcare Product(G&E series)
2.Botanical Anti-aging Cosmetics(GlitEr series)

Galaxy Software Services

GSS has been deeply involved in the medical industry for many years and continues to provide e-solutions for the medical industry, from medical evaluation management to data warehousing, medical data analysis, and KPI management. In recent years, GSS has also launched a dialogue service platform, hoping to assist the digital optimization of the medical industry.

Vitals KPIM is a complete solution for systematic, automated and visualize of KPI. Improving the efficiency of hospital management and control of medical quality.

iota C.ai Conversational platform provides enterprises with a high-quality and fast dialogue IT service, and help enterprises step into dialogue technology applications with a friendly method.

Vitals HAS includes nine modules including health insurance declaration, personnel, quality, medical affairs, etc. Provide hospitals improve service performance and quality.

Garving Energy ControI Co.,Ltd

Exhibited project: EECP (Enhanced External CounterPulsation) is a non-invasive cardiovascular treatment device that is controlled by a computer to inflate/deflate synchronously with the cardiac circulation to increase coronary blood perfusion and promote collateral circulation development of. After three years of continuous research and development, the first domestic EECP was developed and launched in 2017. The second-generation model was launched in 2020 after three years of clinical experience and doctor advice, and the third-level license has been obtained. We are still concentrating our efforts on researching and developing extracorporeal counterpulsation devices. We develop high-end and safe medical devices to provide medical staff with the treatment of diastolic blood perfusion and improve national health under the principle of "first-class quality, innovative technology, and comprehensive services." , we make the company's products more safe and effective to increase customer confidence. The company is subject to ISO 13485: 2016 / The Republic of China Medical Equipment Quality Management System (QMS) requirements .


Active Series- Master Total Body Trainer Pro works with upper body ergometer and recumbent bike and is equipped with a wide range of people. Exercising range from adults, elderly people, disabled to physiotherapy, efficient exercising is achieved thanks to total body ergometer. This innovative design and advancing technology “Brain Game” console system is increasing coordination for far away dementia. Body Charger Total Body Trainer is a versatile investment accommodating a wide range of users, exercise goal, and workout types making it perfect for almost any purpose.

GeneDireX, Inc.

1. Benchtop & Portable Gel electrophoresis LED transilluminator,BLOOK family- gelBLOOK / uBLOOK / pBLOOK 2. High efficiency Keratinocyte serum free culture system, KeraGo SFM 3. Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) cell culture system- mscGo XF medium 4. High sensitivity & specificity nucleic acid detection development: Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification(LAMP) detection plateform

GeneOne Diagnostics Corporation

GeneOne Diagnostics Corporation has excellent R&D and independent production capabilities in vitro diagnostic reagents.In response to market demand, rapid development of diagnostic reagents and rapid screening reagents; in the early stage of the outbreak of the COVID-19, manpower was immediately invested in the development, and in a short period of time, Taiwan's EUA (Emergency Use Authorization, EUA) and CE certification was obtained.
In addition to its own R&D capacity, we can also be produced in accordance with customer needs. The product items range from research-use Molecular Biology reagents and IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic Devices, IVD), and all provide OEM and ODM services.

GeneOnline Asia Inc

GeneOnline is a leading biotech media providing in-depth biopharma insights, top KOL interviews, and the latest news on market trends and research breakthroughs.

Our target audience includes academics, biopharma professionals and medics. Our coverage is delivered across multimedia in two languages: English and Chinese. Besides news coverage, we also specialize in hosting international biotech conferences held in the US, Japan, and China, among others. Featuring interviews with eminent KOLs is our core strength. Our channel is your first stop for biotech insights and partnering. Find our coverage and articles at: https://geneonline.com/.


The CellBio technology can simultaneously use the microfilter and fluorescent staining to separate and recover CTCs from human blood samples according to the size of cells and different surface markers. The CellBio technology at GBC has demonstrated the CTC recovery efficiency of>90 % with in-vitro samples which is better than available market techniques. The optimized structure and process design of the filter membrane are designed to separate CTCs from other blood cells while avoiding cell damage or deformation during filtration. The characterization process is developed for recognizing frequently overexpressed EPCAM and cytokeratin receptors on circulating tumor cells. During characterization, the non-nucleated interference was neglected by DAPI staining and leukocytes by CD45 recognition. The CellBio technology is not only offering high sensitivity and specificity enabling the researchers to analyze CTC but also provides an effective tool for understanding tumor progression.

GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation

GeneReach is dedicated to bringing the innovation to global health management. By developing, manufacturing and marketing products for applied nucleic acid detection technology, we provide pathogen detection platforms to multiple industries and have introduced them into human health industries. The products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of GMP in addition to ISO 13485.

Genetech Biotech

Genetech Biotech provides NGS-based total solutions and technical support with complete workflows from sample preparation, bulk/single-cell sequencing to bioinformatic analysis.
Besides genomic related products, we also provide multiomic solutions like nucleic acid/protein extraction, CTC isolation and multiplex imaging system, devoting our efforts to fulfill the comprehensive needs of research and clinical customers.