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1.Take initiatives on the Five senses of Healthcare to reclaim your health condition.
2.A breakthrough on cancer prevention & treatment: Circulation Tumor Cells testing & Peripheral Blood Stem Cell storage service


ible Technology is an IOT & wearable device company aiming to protect everyone from harmful airborne substances and create better life with innovative wearable air purifiers.

ible Technology Inc.

ible’s exclusive “Breathing Pathway Eco Ion Technology” gathers 2 million negative ions around the user's facial area. Negative ions protect people from inhaling viruses, pollen and smoke, etc. by binding with these harmful airborne particles and making them fall down to the ground.


ICON INC. is representative of Puritan Medical Products for whole Asia market. Puritan, as a leading manufacturer for swab products globally, can offer a variety of swab and transport system for different kind of fields including diagnostic, forensic, genetics, medical, environmental inspection, critical environment...etc. and Puritan is an over 100 years USA manufacturer.
PurFlock Ultra and HydraFlock are worldwide patented. And the registrations and certificates on TFDA, CFDA, CE, FDA, PMDA, MDSAP, ISO … are available.

Ideabus Technology LLC

LTPA Dementia Precision Training Program contains 4 stages and it's based on empirical medicine and data science to delay cognitive and physical decline.

igus Taiwan Company Ltd.

It is crucial that the components used in medical equipment be self-lubricating, cleanroom-compatible, media-resistant, corrosion-free and noise-dampening. igus® supplies products that encompass all of these properties. e.g. X-ray robots, laboratory devices, patient chairs, hospital beds, prostheses, operating theater devices, rehabilitation systems, imaging diagnostic equipment and more.


At Illumina, our mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. By delivering breakthroughs that redefine what's possible in genomics, we empower visionaries around the globe to uncover answers and make life-changing advances.


COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the medical industry, but it has also accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare. Hospitals are working to create smart hospitals that can connect medical devices and patient information through AIoT technology, allowing to improve service quality and reduce human error.

imedtac digital healthcare solution aims to solve hospital pain points with the rapid development of smart technologies. There are 5 categories that we focus on:
1. Smart operating room: help clinical staff to manage surgical videos and data efficiently in smart operating rooms.
2. Telehealth solution: combine patient information, video and vital signs data into a single platform, making it easier to have virtual consultations with specialists and to provide timely, specialized care to patients.
3. Smart ward: utilizes ePaper to automatically display various patient information instead of manually updating whiteboards and door information cards.
4. Patient safety: imedtac ToF fall management system is a de-identified, contactless monitoring solution that can identify whether care recipient is in bed, near the edge, away or has fallen to effectively relieve caregivers' workloads and improve healthcare quality.
5. Medication safety: imedtac automated dispensing cabinet is designed to secure medication storage and dispensing, as well as inventory management.

Industrial Consortium of Emerging Applications through Interactive Technology Platform

The human-computer interaction technology of haptic feedback can achieve more intuitive, accurate and undisturbed interaction through device feedback to the operator when medical care requires silence or the environment is noisy. At the same time, haptic feedback for the blind or blind is the only technology that can help them overcome visual obstacles and embrace information technology.

Industrial Technology Research Institute

Intelligent Radio-Frequency Thermal Tumor Ablation System
In situ projection system for fluorescence surgery (LymphSharp)
Vein Finder (VeinSharp)
EGFR Mutation Test Kit
Dual Functional Reinforcement & Anti-Leakage Bioabsorbable Sheet
Ex vivo Mass Production Technology of Adipose Stem Cells
Bugu-M_ a natural product for memory
Novel TLR9 agonist delivery technology for cancer immunotherapy
An oral AR/AR-V7 PROTAC for the treatment with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC)