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J-MEX Inc.

‧9 axis IMU-based multiple sensors kinetic and kinematic measurement and recording tool ‧Service platform to link physiotherapist & patient ‧Physiotherapist provides exercise instructions ‧To load the instruction to the patient APP database ‧Patient to conduct exercise using KinMAS and record result ‧To analyze KinMAS data and report progress back to physiotherapist and patient

Janman Precision Industry CO., Ltd

Since its establishment in 1985, Janman has evolved from a small tooling operation to a full-service, high-precision machining, mold assembly, and plastic injection molding company. Today, Janman’s quick lead times and reputation for reliable service have earned it the recurring business of many well-known companies, particularly in the medical industries, electronics and automotive.
Core Segments:
 Precision Mold Design & Build
 Injection Molding
 Critical Core/ Cavity Steel
 Production Machining
 Tool Manufacturing
Core Markets:
 Medical Equipment
 Medical Parts

Jellox Biotech Inc.

JelloX Biotech Inc. has developed MetaLite software to provide practitioners with a user-friendly, scalable, AI-enabled imaging and digital pathology platform. Equipped with high-quality digital image scanners and servers, along with Intel central processing unit (CPU)-based Intel next unit of computing (NUC) to connect to additional devices, the platform offers AI models for qualitative and quantitative analysis of cell number, protein expression level, and hot tumor regions to provide actionable insights. The AI interface allows customization through AI-auxiliary annotation function and other programmable protocols, creating wide range applications in personalized pathology analysis in a GPU-free operation and speeding up precision medicine. JelloX Biotech MetaLite Digital Pathology Edge Solution has been recognized as Intel “Market Ready Solution”member, and will integrate with multi-disciplinary resources to develop industry ecosystem and expand new market. JelloX 3D technology + AI solution is compatible with pathology workflow allowing subsequent H&E, IHC, and genetic tests to form an innovative Panoramic Pathology Platform, leading to multi-partner collaboration and new business model with biopharmaceutical industry and IT industry.


Mask and Medical related consumables
JENG GUANG Company was established in 1975. In the early days, it was a professional group uniform production and design factory. Due to the rising labor costs in Taiwan, the garment production line was seriously moved out in order to reduce costs. It coincides with the rapid growth of Taiwan's high-tech industry. When clothing was still imported from Japan and South Korea, Zhengguang quickly entered this market and remained the largest manufacturer in Taiwan from 1998 to 2004, and then continued to develop more competitive, cheaper, better quality and diversified products.
JENG GUANG is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of high-quality anti-static clean clothes, anti-static clean shoes, special masks for clean rooms, clean wipes and related products. It is the only company in Taiwan that has both clean clothes and clean shoes , dust-free masks, dust-free wipes production and Class1/1000 clean environment cleaning consistent factory; in addition to strict quality control, and provide loyal professional services.
The factory is located in Guishan Industrial Zone, Taoyuan County, covering an area of ​​1,800 square meters, with a total production line area of ​​about 2,900 square meters. At present, the number of employees is more than 60, and it has an independent research and development team to continuously develop and improve new and old products. The marketing business of the Taoyuan head office is responsible for Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, etc., and established Kaohsiung branch in 1999 in order to quickly serve customers in southern China.
Customers include major international semiconductors, packaging, testing, TFT-LCD factories, LED, Touch panel, SMT, etc., the proportion of domestic sales is about 65%, and the proportion of export sales is about 35%.
During the epidemic in 2020, the company transformed masks and medical-related materials. In this tense era, Zhengguang Co., Ltd. also guards
At present, there are unsterilized medical-grade fish-shaped three-dimensional masks, unsterilized flat masks and children's masks, and the mask website is ttps://jengguang.shoplineapp.com. Features of the mask: soft like a cloud, skin-friendly fit for peace of mind, light, thin, and transparent like an invisible mask, "no feeling to wear", medical specifications are safe to wear, each link is better, and the skin feel is one level higher , the details of non-sensing wearing are the key, and it is also comfortable to wear a mask for a long time. We provide customized mask services, provide us with your creativity, or choose from the styles we provide, and small batch production can present unique patterns on masks, creating unique customized exclusive fashion masks for you, The outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020 has made the world pay more attention to the protection of masks. In 2021, the epidemic situation in Taiwan is serious. We hope to provide everyone with safe and protective masks. At the same time, they can also have high quality, high comfort and high design. Sense of fashion accessories! At present, there are fish-shaped three-dimensional mask designs, including 3D three-dimensional space for smooth breathing, non-stick lipstick, 3-layer protective filtration to block bacterial droplets and dust, melt-blown cloth water electret technology, improve filtration efficiency, clothing, nose bridge, ear straps, good elasticity, breathable and comfortable, a variety of color matching fashion Take it with you; TSMC is Taiwan's protector of the country, and Zhengguang Co., Ltd. is the guardian of Taiwan's epidemic
Team, shoulder the social responsibility and glorious mission together. Our masks have medical-grade protection and are very powerful in protecting health. Taiwan made double-stenciled three-layer medical masks and fish-shaped three-dimensional masks. The beautiful design is no longer troublesome to match clothes. Put on beautiful clothes for your nose and mouth!

Jhong Jheng Spine & Orthopedic Hospital

ROSA robot, EECP, laser therapy, regenerative medicine, bone and joint technology.

JianLing Technology Co., Ltd

JianLing’s new “Near Infrared Deep Photothermal Therapy Equipment PHA901,” which directly uses solar infrared visible light and water filter infrared A(wIRA) technology exclusive to Jian Ling. Applying the near infrared air band range at 600nm to 1400nm, Jian Ling’s equipment can remove ultraviolet light harmful to skin and the eyes and allow the beneficial light range to pass through into the skin and body, at the same time, increasing the user’s deep-layer body temperature (38°C-40°C) with the full wavelength and body photothermal therapy equipment.
PHA901 is capable of injecting elevated levels of near infrared waves into the body, without fear of producing heat on the skin or cause burns. Inside the capsule, the temperature is maintained at around 41°C. The many benefits of using near infrared waves is widely documented in international research, such as counteracting cancer activity, deep detox, anti-inflammatory features, improving the immune system, metabolic activity, and reducing the production of stress proteins.

Jin Sheng Global Business Co.,Ltd

CaoVien bird's nest swiftlet's Nest Peptide Soap


Microscope magnifying glass, suitcase-type document medical record camera scanning system, intelligent 3D situational camera and back-off commercial photography system

JingMao Biotech Ltd Company

JingMao Biotech Ltd Company is the company focusing on clinical diagnostics of Microbiology, POCT, Molecular Biology and Immunology. Our customers are nationwide, including medical centers, local hospitals, private labs, also the governmental department.