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Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Quantum information essential oil; LAMBDOMA Spectrum resonance apparatus

Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Quantum information essential oil; LAMBDOMA Spectrum resonance apparatus


Landseed sports medicine

LanHui Biotech Co., Ltd

"Lanhui Biotechnology Co., Ltd." combines the energy of the Orchid R&D Center of Chenggong University, deeply cultivates "Orchid", uses patented biotechnology to develop various orchid-derived products, and integrates them into our lives. Currently, there are: "Smell" Orchid Fragrance products - antibacterial orchid essential oil and perfume, "wipe" orchid beauty products - small molecule beauty holy orchid embryo revitalizing cream, "eat" orchid health food - orchid noodles rich in orchid polyphenols, orchid biscuits , "Drink" orchid health drink - rich in orchid enzymes with high oxidative activity, expand marketing to various fields, and use the core technologies of "antibacterial orchid elements", "orchid embryonic elements" and "orchid leaf polyphenols" to promote health The development of medical level, with the characteristics of precision agricultural science and technology, is expected to be known as the kingdom of orchids and marketed internationally in the form of innovative orchids.

Laurel Enterprises Corporation

There are three highlights we are going to represent in Healthcare EXPO 2022. The first one is the combination of the Health API from Garmin® and Laurel NutriLab’s Line@ platform. This new technology integrates the Garmin Health API, including fitness, biometrics and activity data with lifestyle and body information obtained by questionnaires from NutriLab’s Line@. With this newly achievement, users can plan their daily diet according to their personal goal, whether cooking themselves or eating out.
Second, the initial results of dietary researches will be displayed, which are (1) The impact of adequate protein intake and exercise training on body composition; (2) The relation between different portion of protein intake and the risk of sarcopenia in vegetarian.

Third, the latest products, Nutri-Extract, will be represented. Nutri-Extract is rich in BCAA and chicken peptides that could be a daily healthy energy booster. This product enables customers to achieve their diet goal more easily without losing the delicate taste in daily meals.

Lead in Med

LEAD IN MED CO., LTD. was established by professional medical team in Taiwan. Functional Nutrition Supplements are designed and developed for tailored populations, including Asian women who pursue beauty, 3C people who use computers and mobile phones every day, population who stay up late for work and need energy, elderly people's look for mobility supplement, etc. All have tailor-made products to enhance the quality of modern life. Exclusive made in Taiwan (MIT) Infrared Forehead Thermometer, with the highest inspection standard and certification of quality for home/school/hospital use of temperature monitoring. Arm type and Wrist type Blood Pressure Monitor provides accurate BP reading for hypertension control endorsed by ESH(European Society of Hypertension). Medical equipment for home care and long-term care, including Mobility Aids (Walker/Cane), Bathroom Safety, Grab Bar, and Exercise Peddler for elderly or rehabilitation.

Leadgene Biomedical, Inc.

Our company, Leadgene, is a pioneer manufacturer of recombinant proteins and antibodies, and we also provide comprehensive platform development services, including lateral flow assay, ELISA kits, antibody engineering, pharmacokinetic analysis, etc. We assist our clients to establish IVD platforms with material design and production, system setting up, and manufacture of assays.

There are two significant parts to the services that we provide:
1. Diagnostic Platform Development
Leadgene possesses leading-edge technology in antibody design, engineering, and development. Besides being high quality, our antibodies and recombinant proteins are also highly stable, and come with an ISO13485 certified manufacturing system. Our company is the top choice for IVD raw materials, and commits to providing the best products to our customers. In addition, our products are highly specific, sensitive, and stable.
Leadgene is experienced in rare antibody development, such as small molecular antibodies. We have successfully developed anti-indoxyl sulfate (IS) antibodies and the IS ELISA kit. LEADGENE® Indoxyl Sulfate (IS) ELISA is the first CKD detection CE-IVD on the global market. It is a rapid, highly-sensitive, low-cost, and user-friendly tool used for monitoring IS levels. Besides being the pioneer in ELISA development, we have obtained several worldwide patents as well as the CE-IVD certification.

2. Biologics CDMO/CRO
If you would like to begin your biologic research, Leadgene is your trusted partner. We provide one-stop CDMO/CRO services to help our clients with protein/antibody development, antibody humanization, pharmacokinetic analysis, and cell line development. For our cell line development services, we help to establish the cell bank, scale up the cells, and assess the characteristics of the cells.

Leadtek Research Inc.

Leadtek combines artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology (AIoT+Medical+Health) to prioritize physical and mental health care, lifestyle tracking and health management solutions, aiming at the applications of life stress, heart vitality, and three high-risk factors such as blood pressure, body weight and blood sugar.