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Parktron Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart Hospital Auto-Pay Kiosk Smart Access Control System

Parktron Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart Hospital Self-service Payment Kiosk
Smart Access Control System

Pen-Ling Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Plateletsomes (PRPII) is more effective than PRP. Labortory data showed that PRPII has 4 times more growth factors and ILIRa than PRP. There is a significant effect on fracture healing, dry eye, skin defect, and infertility.

PharmaEssentia Corp.

In the field of protein drug design, the process of pegylation of the therapeutic protein preserves its biologic activity by targeting the PEG polymer (polyethylene glycol) at a specific and a defined region on the protein. PharmaEssentia’s pegylation technology platform is designed to increase the protein drug’s efficacy by prolonging its circulation in the blood stream. Utilizing its innovative 40K PEG and its novel pegylation technology platform by combining protein engineering and PEG-related chemistry, PharmaEssentia creates novel product- Ropeginterferon alfa-2b for better disease treatment. Compared with similar drugs on the market, the long-acting, mono-pegylated proline interferon with improved pharmacokinetic properties allowing once every two weeks administration offering improved tolerability and convenience. The marketing authorization for Ropeginterferon alfa-2b for treatment of Polycythemia Vera (PV) is granted by EMA in February 2019, Taiwan in May 2020 and FDA in November 2021.

PharmiGENE, Inc.

PharmiGene Inc. focuses on pharmacogenetics, providing genetic test of personalized medicine to help people finding their optimal medecines and avoiding side effects.

《Patented PGx detection reagent (IVD)》
We holds patents of carbamazepine, allopurinol and Warfarin gene testing. We developed these tests to IVD and having multinational license, selling to China, US, Europe, South Korea, SEA.

《IVD CDMO service》
Our manufacturing plant is ISO 13485 and GMP certified. In addition, we also use relevant professional experience to provide IVD CDMO services. We comply with globally consistent standards and flexible production volume without long waiting. We can be your production partner in Asia.

《LDTs Service-pharmacogenetics test》
PharmiGene provides common medications gene testing, cardiovascular disease drug gene testing, clopidogrel drug gene testing and Baktar gene testing.

PharmiGENE is the distributor of various world-known biotech equipment and reagents. These products spread across the whole spectrum of NGS experiment workflow, with application in cancer research, neuroscience, immunology, etc.
We provide professional consultations, expertise experiences, and versatile solutions. Our role is to boost the research capability in every research institute, medical center, and university. Contact us to unveil more research potential.
Distributing brands include 10x genomics, Bionano Genomics, Immudex, S2 Genomics, and Varsome.

Physik Instrumente (PI) Taiwan Ltd.

Piezoelectric components, piezo flexure stage, precision positioning stage, hexapod, gantry system, air bearing, motion controller, capacitive sensor, vacuum positioning stage.


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Point Robotics MedTech Inc.

Point Robotics MedTech Inc. is a medical device company specializing in designing and manufacturing surgical robots for orthopedic surgeries. We have two major product lines- "Kinguide Robotic-Assisted Surgical System" and "Kinguide Agile Hybrid Navigation System".

"Kinguide Robotic-Assisted Surgical System" is a robotic solution that helps surgeons to plan and perform spinal surgeries. It has features such as 3D image reconstruction and intra-operative planning; consist of a unique surgical robot enabling real-time surgical tool positioning where the robot’s universal end-effector also allows the user to attach different surgical instruments.

The Kinguide system is embedded with a unique hand-held robot for spinal surgery applications. It offers precise, reliable assistance for pedicle screw implantation. With the interchangeable module design, the system will be adaptable for more indications like herniated disc decompression and vertebroplasty.

"Kinguide Agile Hybrid Navigation System" is a medical imaging solution that provides accurate real-time navigation. Without excessive instruments, it can be easily incorporated into the Hybrid OR setting and provides fast 3D model reconstruction and registration as well as intra-operative navigation.

Together with surgeons and professionals, we strive to pioneer innovative technologies in the operating rooms and improve the experience for both surgeons and patients.