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Safe Save Medical Cell Sciences & Technology Co., Ltd

The Pioneer:
has been researching and developing cancer immunotherapy since 1996.

The Lead:
the only cancer immunotherapy PIII clinical trial approved in Taiwan.

Autologous Dendric Cells/Tumor Antigen Immunotherapy

SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems is a global leader in the development and manufacture of world-class access control solutions, particularly in sectors where security is critical – from airports and healthcare to government, education, sport and entertainment venues, hotels, and more. The company revolutionized access control with a pioneering approach that featured the first stand-alone, battery-powered electronic lock; the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card technology; and the first wireless access control system that combined a stand-alone locking device with online, real-time capabilities – all without using wires or mechanical keys. Its leading-edge hardware and software technologies are in use in more than 15,000 installations worldwide, with an estimated 20 million daily users. SALTO has local offices in more than 25 countries and a partner network that extends its reach to nearly every region of the globe.

Sandalphon International Inc.

FocuSleep includes the exclusive innovation frequency chip, which assists people to concentrate by inducing brain waves. Based on Schumann resonance, we use physical resonance to stable brain waves and then promote the optimization of the memory system. At night, the sleep mode will turn short-term memory into long-term memory, while in the deep sleep period the brain will completely repair.

Sanguo Co., LTD.

Phyllanthus emblica products

SanJet Technology Corp.

1. Chromogenic Rapid Screening Analyzer
2. Eco-Wet Liquid Extinguisher
3. Carbon Fiber Fabric Heating Pad

Schweitzer Biotech Company Ltd

EZtargex® is a compact automated nucleic acid test (NAT) system based on the magnetic bead-based extraction method and real-time PCR principles. Convenient and user-friendly, it provides accurate on-demand test results for human or animal samples. FEATURES: -‘Load and Go’ design - 1 to 16 samples capacity for one run - Individual package for all assays - Ready-to-use lyophilized reagents - Kit size suited to small test volumes - User-friendly touchscreen interface - Results in 90 to 120 minutes - On-demand testing: 1 sample, 1 test, 1 result - No inter-reagent or inter-sample contamination

Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center

STB Program aims to train the next generation of medical technology innovators and create an innovative Med Tech platform in Taiwan. SPARK Taiwan cultivates future teams in preparation for the entrance into the biotechnology industry.


1. SEDA Anti-decubitus mattress (Non-sterile)
The non-powered and static mattress design could facilitate pressure reduction, ulcer prevention, and sleep quality enhancement. And also it has been widely used in Taiwan's hospitals.

2. SEDA Care management mattress system (WhizPad)
「WhizPad」 innovates to integrate the applications of sleep comfort and pressure relief, health management, and care reminders.

Seknova Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Seknova is a medical start-up of medical-grade IoT technology that continuously monitors physiological parameter using special measurement technology. Our solution can help sub-healthy group and diabetic patients to continuously monitor blood glucose data without pain, and the measured data is transmitted to iOS and Android apps in real time and uploaded to the cloud platform, so that patients and medical staff can fully understand the data and achieve the purpose of diabetes management.

Simple, painless and affordable micro-needle sensor accurately measures interstitial fluid glucose data under the skin and converts it into blood sugar levels that can be worn for more days.

A personalized smartphone app that provides readings high frequency and clear target reminders, including trend arrows and trend graphs to confirm blood sugar levels are rising, falling or stabilizing.