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U-ARK Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovation for the outlook of the industry, redefinition of the concept of Long-Term Care (LTC), and creation of a new ideal model are the purposes of U-ARK.

Besides the software services, building an LTC ecosystem is also a target of U-ARK. By expanding the business model into e-commerce, production of medical consumables and other fields of the industry, U-ARK can integrate the whole industry and provide service in all medical institutions everywhere. With providing service in US institutions and spreading the benefit of our software, U-ARK can also bring experience and trends back to Taiwan, creating a positive cycle for the industry.

By combining our strong IT capability and in-depth understanding of the industry, U-ark has been coming up with a comprehensive solution for the LTC ecosystem.

U-Science Technologies Ltd.

U-Science Technologies Ltd. was established in 2019. We introduce innovative technologies to our clients and provide prospective points of view and solutions in cancer researchs, inflammatory diseases, and Immunological treatments. Our vision is to support the development of precision medicine for our clients.


To focus on the field of elderly well-being and general health. Home care for the elderly (disabled) is still a desert of technological care. We have developed a continuous smart care service for the elderly through the integration of various advanced health and safety technologies and the long-term care industry with local resources to achieve the following Target Provide "continuous care services" for the health and safety of the elderly through smart technology "Online/Offline Home Care Regional Joint Defense" created by integrating local resources to solve the burden of family and children in the workplace

UCare Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

uGym Circuits- Physical Fitness Testing System for elder. The pioneer of elder sports technology, with the goal of preventing and delaying the occurrence of Sarcopenia and Frailty. Digitally upgrade traditional fitness equipment with sensor. Light and easy to carry, effective manage background data and get analysis reports.


Health 3D

UnicoCell Biomed Co., Ltd.

UnicoCell BioMed has a complete R&D team dedicated to the research of pharmacology of stem cell drug and manufacturing technology, including the development of in vitro platforms for mechanism of actions (MOAs), characteristics of stem cell product, and optimization of the manufacturing process. The stem cell drug "ELIXCYTE", has been successively approved by TFDA and US-FDA for Investigational New Drug (IND) application. Currently, there are two indications of ELIXCYTE clinical trials, one is osteoarthritis (OA) and the other is chronic kidney disease (CKD). The trial of Elixcyte for OA knee was also listed as a cell therapy index case by the Taiwan CDE. The patented product of UnicoCell, "UnicoVial Cell Storage Container", is suitable for various types of cells requiring cryo-preservation, and has received the Type II Medical device certificate issued by TFDA (MHW Medical Device Manufacturing No. 007096). UnicoVial® has been patented with Taiwan, Japan, and China; and has been widely acclaimed in the cell therapy industry, which is one of the very rare cryogenic containers categorized as a medical device. Besides, it provides a safer, advantageous, and straightforward option for R&D sectors to upgrade their operation of cell preservation toward clinical usage.

UniLED Lighting TW., INC.

UniLED NIR – LED - Phototherapy Lamp



Universal Vision Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

With the increasing usage of electronic devices and hence the early development of vision disorders, such as myopia and cataract, health awareness has been raised and the general public has been paying more attention to their eye and vision health. Other than all vision correction treatments, nutritional supplements also play an important role for eye protection. Universal Vision Biotechnology thus collaborated with teams from biotechnology and food science and developed a collection of Universal lutein supplements specific for different ages in the family, hoping to take care of your vision in every way throughout a lifetime.

UPro Medical Inc.

Manufacture of fine instruments for medical surgery, such as endoscopes. Our own excellent R&D team is moving towards the latest technology. Under the spirit of research and development, innovation and breakthrough, we will create precise and humanized stable surgical instruments. Provide timely technical support while meeting the customized needs of customers and medical team members. Create precision instruments that can improve surgical accuracy and reduce risk and time costs.