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Chang Ching Pao Biotechnology Co.,Ltd



We provide high-quality nutraceuticals for elderly with various healthy functions, including joint health, bone health, muscle health, cognitive function and eye health etc.



A Good Intention AI Co., Ltd.

We aim to solve the three major pain points of the current dental technicians and dental office setting process, including time-consuming, low precision and limited professionalism. The disadvantage of the current dental placement software on the market is that it takes several hours for a dental technician to complete a pair of teeth; the accuracy is low, and the current dental placement software is difficult to accurately predict the occlusion action, which will affect the accuracy of the dental technician’s process; and the quality of the treatment course, depends on the personal proficiency of dentists, and cannot be popularized. Consumers can only find good dental services based on user recommendations or word of mouth. AGAI replaces the current tooth arrangement method with AI artificial intelligence. Our technical advantages lie in high precision, customized tooth arrangement and optimization of 90% tooth arrangement speed performance. High precision, so that the movement difference of the tooth die can be reduced to 0.2mm, and the rotation degree is within 1 degree. Customized tooth arrangement, you can choose the tooth arrangement module according to the patient's needs to achieve medical goals and protect patient privacy. The tooth arrangement module can be deployed in edge Using artificial intelligence and big data to provide doctors with a strategy and auxiliary treatment analysis system, it is a reference tool for doctors to develop collaborative design and medical risk assessment and treatment strategies. Using advanced cloud technology for dental arrangement strategy, treatment and risk analysis and evaluation, the accurate physiological information is connected to the medical big data platform to assist dentists in the evaluation of treatment strategies and the research and analysis of treatment paths. It can automatically simulate and design "the braces to move the front of the lower jaw accurately", and supplemented by a variety of treatments to increase airway ventilation. Through this platform, a simulated risk assessment method can be provided to assist doctors in the treatment of sleep apnea (OSA) with tooth arrangement strategy.

Accuratus Int'l Health Company

KFORCE is a tool for assessing, monitoring and training balance, strength and joint movement, all equipment is equipped with a high precision measurement system, and KINVENT's excellent performance in interface development, mechanics and electronics for muscle strength, balance And the assessment of joint range of motion, through the test to obtain real-time evaluation results, the purpose is to make an objective evaluation after multiple tests, and to customize the training prescription according to the ability of each subject. The KFORCE APP helps us obtain quantitative measurement results, which provide a strong basis for subsequent customized personalized training programs.

Ace Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

The Celnostics® platform provides clinical researchers with multi-Omics integrated analysis solutions, which can effectively capture target cells in complex liquid samples. Through these high-dimensional samples, clinical researchers could analyze complete information about cell characteristics, proteins, genes, nucleic acids, etc., and could accurately describe a medical atlas, providing the most comprehensive foundations for decision making.

AM100 Plus blood glucose meter, by using the environmental friendly and dry vacuum sputtering technology, these high-precision gold electrode blood glucose test strips would be undoubtedly the best product to replace the current screen-printed silver/carbon electrode bare chips in the market. The hematocrit correction and bluetooth data transmission function is suitable for patients with diabetes, anemia and polycythemia.

Goldmie Blood Glucose Meter for Pets as the world's first blood glucose meter for pets to use gold electrode test strip, is specifically designed for dogs and cats which prevents pets from getting diabetes. When abnormal blood glucose level is found, a timely medical treatment can restore health according to the blood glucose record. Pet's preventive medical care has become a trend. An accurate measurement could provide a better care to our pets, widely used in every family as Companionship, lifetime commitment!

Ace Pinnacle Co., Ltd.

We were specialized in the production of silicone breast form and Mastectomy bra for more than 20 years. Well experienced and professional R&D team to produce postoperative products that suit the needs of consumers.

Our products are:
Post-operative silicone breast form (top grade double layer film back nanoparticle lightweight breast form / lightweight breast implants lighter 1/3 / silicone breast form)
Wireless Mastectomy bra with pocket, in wider shoulder straps and high side design
Initial post-operative cotton underwear / initial post-operative compression underwear, pressure sleeves / Chemo Turbans

By listening to the voices and feedback of consumers, and then developing and producing products that are truly suitable for consumers, to help women regain their self-confidence and beauty after surgery, this is the mission and core value of our brand, caring for more female patients and understanding their demand, to continue the warm things.
Welcome to our website at : www.hersoft.tw to learn more.


Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corp. mainly offers sustainable, eco-friendly, and functional textile yarns. Our Acenature dept. develops and markets all kinds of functional textile products and expects to reach market needs and provide excellent products worldwide for a better living experience. Thus, we develop innovative technical functional products for body and health care. (1) AceVitality health care series: Far-infrared and thermal features can protect the elderly group. (Clothes, Knee Brace, wrist bands, socks.) (2) AceHygeia Textile series: Bacteriostatic and odor-resistant features. (3) Ready-meal food series, made with real ingredients and authentic flavors. No burden on the body.

Acer Medical Inc.

VeriSee DR is an AI-assisted diagnostic software for diabetic retinopathy (DR) that identifies high-risk DR patients. Its core AI model has been trained from images labeled by retina specialists, and the software has been validated in a pivotal clinical trial against rigorous clinical reference standards. It leverages AI deep learning techniques to produce diagnosis results similar to that of professional ophthalmologists. Besides, it can be run on a device without a network connection.
VeriSee DR is an effective solution that can shorten the screening process, increase the volume of screenings, improve the accuracy and consistency of the results, and improve patient outcomes.

ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Products