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tst biomedical electronics Co., Ltd.

tstbio has developed a simple and robust SAW biosensor platform, “iProtin” of POCT (point of care testing) for home and clinic applications. Besides, tstbio has carried different biomedical devices product lines to serve the growing health management demand for our community. 1) Inflammation detection: CRP quantitative detection and get results within 3 minutes. 2) COVID-19 antibody quantitative detection. 3) Cardiovascular health management: ApoB, Lp(a) 4) Cooperative development & applications: to have your own SAW-based digital diagnostic products

U-Science Technologies Ltd.

U-Science Technologies Ltd. was established in 2019. We introduce innovative technologies to our clients and provide prospective points of view and solutions in cancer researchs, inflammatory diseases, and Immunological treatments. Our vision is to support the development of precision medicine for our clients.

Utek International Corp

MULTIFUNCTIONAL CELL PROCESSING WORKSTATION (ISOLATOR), Sterility testing Isolator), VAPOR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE GENERATOR, VAPOR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE passing chamber, STEAM STERIZER, DRY HEAT STERIZER, package leak tester, Cell and gene therapy innovative solutions for ATMPs

VITAE Biomedical Co. Ltd.

According to statistics published by WHO, lung cancer was the leading cause of cancer deaths in 2020, accounting for close to 1.8 million death cases worldwide. Muted symptoms in its early stages make lung cancer screening especially challenging. Indeed, early detection is quintessential to pivot the ongoing situation. As of today, health practitioners globally have been conducting chest X-rays and/or LDCT scans for lung cancer screening. While chest X-ray screening proves the lack of substantial benefit for lung cancer survival rate, LDCT, on the contrary, tends to lead to over diagnosis. Both methods require intensive experience for cancer diagnosis in addition to real concerns over exposures to radiation. The VITAE Biomedical lung cancer IVD reagent kit helps detect a specific biomarker in patients’ urine for lung cancer screening. This breakthrough service is non-invasive, non-radiative, and made possible for early detection. It provides excellent benefit-to-risk ratio for the public and is expected to be the go-to screening technology for high-risk individuals and lung cancer patients who can benefit from continuous monitoring anytime and anywhere.