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iPreg Incorporation

Our product “SperŜort chip'' is delivering a new solution to the pain point, which uses the nature of sperm reverse flow to collect motile sperm without centrifugation. Sperm separation with this product can provide high-throughput separation of motile, DNA-intact, and functionally competent sperm that meet currently in vivo fertilization requirements.


★SWIR-Hyperspectral Imaging
★SnapScan VNIR
★Microscope Hyperspectral Cameras
★PAMPA Dissolution

iXensor Co., Ltd.

PixoTest - Infectious Diseases
PixoTest - Diabetes & Cardiovascular Diseases
Eveline - Women's Health
iXensor CDM Service

Janman Precision Industry CO., Ltd

Since its establishment in 1985, Janman has evolved from a small tooling operation to a full-service, high-precision machining, mold assembly, and plastic injection molding company. Today, Janman’s quick lead times and reputation for reliable service have earned it the recurring business of many well-known companies, particularly in the medical industries, electronics and automotive.
Core Segments:
 Precision Mold Design & Build
 Injection Molding
 Critical Core/ Cavity Steel
 Production Machining
 Tool Manufacturing
Core Markets:
 Medical Equipment
 Medical Parts

Jellox Biotech Inc.

JelloX Biotech Inc. has developed MetaLite software to provide practitioners with a user-friendly, scalable, AI-enabled imaging and digital pathology platform. Equipped with high-quality digital image scanners and servers, along with Intel central processing unit (CPU)-based Intel next unit of computing (NUC) to connect to additional devices, the platform offers AI models for qualitative and quantitative analysis of cell number, protein expression level, and hot tumor regions to provide actionable insights. The AI interface allows customization through AI-auxiliary annotation function and other programmable protocols, creating wide range applications in personalized pathology analysis in a GPU-free operation and speeding up precision medicine. JelloX Biotech MetaLite Digital Pathology Edge Solution has been recognized as Intel “Market Ready Solution”member, and will integrate with multi-disciplinary resources to develop industry ecosystem and expand new market. JelloX 3D technology + AI solution is compatible with pathology workflow allowing subsequent H&E, IHC, and genetic tests to form an innovative Panoramic Pathology Platform, leading to multi-partner collaboration and new business model with biopharmaceutical industry and IT industry.

Joint Commission of Taiwan

HST provides integrated services for healthcare institutions to achieve digital transformation, shaping a quality, safe, and efficient healthcare environment.
1.Gathering over a hundred excellent solutions in Taiwan
2.Providing success stories and demonstrating the benefits of clinical applications
3.Matchmaking : products, sites, and technologies.
4.Bridging gaps between the medical and technology industries: Facilitating communication between medical and technology industries through the Smart Healthcare Campaign, international forums, and workshops.
5.Trial sites: Implementing practical product applications in medical institutions to develop a series of smart healthcare solutions.
Join HST! Accelerate digital transformation of healthcare.

Joy Medical Devices Corporation

Joy Medical Devices (JMD), a highly R&D-oriented company established at Southern Taiwan Science Park in 2009, is committed to the development of dental and orthopedic biomaterials and related devices by the highest standards in medical device industry. JMD’s technology portfolio covers a series of innovative Ezechbone® products (regular and non-antibiotic antibacterial calcium-based cements and granular bone substitutes), minimally invasive highly porous granule and cement delivery system (jBranchTM), minimally invasive bone cavity creation systems, high strength-modulus ratio titanium alloy, in-situ re-adjustable craniofacial miniplate, smart dental implant, etc. JMD is an ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP, MOEA-Certified Biotech and New Pharmaceutical Company. Ezechbone®, developed by a NCKU/JMD joint research project, is an all-synthetic, all-inorganic, highly osteoconductive and fully resorbable calcium-based bone substitute materials. Ezechbone®Granule is a highly porous granular product characterized by its high resorption rate (totally resorbed and replaced by new bone in 3-6 months), while Ezechbone®Cement is featured by its unique non-dispersive behavior upon contact with blood/body fluid without need of any polymeric or other binder additives. The safety and efficacy of these medical devices were confirmed by a series of chemical/physical characterization and biocompatibility tests such as cytotoxicity, sub-chronic toxicity, intracutaneous reactivity, skin sensitization, ocular irritation, endotoxin test, hemolysis test, genotoxicity and implantation. Clinical indications of this series of Ca-based bone substitute materials include sinus lift, ridge augmentation, frontal bone augmentation and treatment for various types of fractures.

JunZhi Biomedical Co., Ltd.

SAA cancer screening-related technologies and services have been available on the market for many years, but their accuracy is the most criticized. SAA TEST only takes three minutes to draw a tube of blood, and through the purification of exclusive nanoparticles, we can target and analyze the trace amount of SAA in the blood. The protein is analyzed by mass spectrometry, and the self-developed AI biological interpretation software is used to analyze the cancer risk. SAA TEST can already detect gastric cancer and colorectal cancer. In the actual clinical test, SAA has a accuracy of 77%.


Versatile Profilometer Eliminates Blind Spots and Measures Glossy Surfaces

Easy-to-use, non-contact 3D measurement system. Motorized rotational scanning for performing a wider variety of measurements.

High-precision 3D measurement of an entire surface in as little as 1 second
Rotational scanning on a wide variety of materials
Measure nearly any callout with a single device.

The World's First 4K Ultra-High Accuracy Microscope

View, capture and measure with an all-in-one system.

Delivering images that rival an SEM
Highest definition in the history of microscopes
Even novice users can capture optimal images.