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Filmwin Medical Material Coating Corporation

Medical silicone dressing、Medical silicone patch、PCR sealing film、Silicone Kinesiology Tape、Silicone gel facial mask、Fluorosilicone paper、Fluorosilicone film

Finex Co., LTD. Taipei Branch

WILMO electrical stimulator is for rehabilitation of the people with hemiplegia due to stroke. It is wearable and lightweight, operable easily, and fitter to
your body.This medical device is developed and manufactured in Japan.

Focaltech Smart Sensors

Established in 2016, FocalTech smart sensors engaged in sensor chip development, algorithm and optical mechanic design. Started to develop optical biomedical sensor, applied to cuff-less blood pressure, and non-invasive blood sugar module which can be combine to wearable device from 2017. Devoted to health monitoring device which can be easily used in our daily life. Besides continuing Focaltech’s product development for smartphone or wearable device, also targeting precise medication and preventive medicine, extends its core technologies to biomedical area, not only develop innovative vital sensor devices for arrhythmia, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, but also construct platforms to analyze collected cloud data.

Fooyin University

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ZOLL Data Manager System (ZDMS) integrates ZOLL defibrillator in all units in the hospital. Whether in wards, ICUs, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and inspection centers, they can receive the daily discharge test records of the defibrillator. Any whwere Dr. & Nurse watch the defibrillator discharge test records, receive abnormal active notification messages, grasp the latest status of each defibrillator, and achieve paperless in the whole hospital.

Formosa Association for the Promotion of Oral Biotechnology and Medical Devices

Formosa Association for the Promotion of Oral Biotechnology and Medical Devices

Formosa Cultural Corporation

-FMH Professional Medical Purchasing Guide -The general agent in Taiwan of the global medical exhibition

Formosa Plastics Group Administration_Medical Development Center

1. By preventive medicine as the core concept, to provide personalized health, beauty and anti-aging services.
2. From development to application, covering LOHAS, social welfare and medical support industrial development of the Preventive Medicine Industry Chain.
3. To promote preventive medicine, so that health by eight majors oriented, so that LOHAS become a national cultural movement
4. Six exhibition themes: epidemic prevention, homecare and health care management, occupational health, senior LOHAS, community resident health care, Industry-University Collaboration research and development.

Frens International Co., Ltd.

The whole mission of Frens International Co., Ltd. is to develop more healthy body and promote quality of life in pursuit of people's healthy body beautiful health care and rehabilitation products with a healthy life.
The products we provide are health care products in daily life. Through our own exercise and body metabolism and blood circulation, we can improve muscle strength and endurance health and seniority are our goals.